Critical Darling didn’t want your “Finest Local Columnist” votes anyway. Tch, like I want to jump the shark. (Yeah, that was an Adrian Tomine “Tch,” and if you don’t know, well then you’re exactly where I was two months ago.) (It’s esoteric bullshit talk like that that keeps me decidedly trailing the finned beast, isn’t it? Sigh.)

Speaking of shark-robatics, guess what’s great? The Judd Apatow-produced Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Who knew I wasn’t, like, so over Juddykins? (On a side note: Jason Segel, stop seeing into my soul.)

But back on track, if Mr. Eau de Schlub isn’t experiencing the kind of backlash we thought he was, how is it possible that anyone is actually suffering from the alleged Tina Feytigue entertainment blogs are going on about? Bitch has one TV show and one movie, folks. And as far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a horde of bespectacled minions running around writing screenplays at cheetah-speed, effectively enhancing her omnipresence.

But who doesn’t want to live in that world? You do, darlings. You made Baby Mama — a female buddy movie — the top-grossing of film last weekend. How many of those do you remember from last year?’s chap — my new hero — found none among 2007’s top-grossing flicks. Tch. XO.

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