Deco-licious: Koffee Kup 

I am dubious of any restaurant that changes spellings to be cute and twee. But however ridiculous they spell it, the Koffee Kup is doing well in a run-down stretch of strip malls on Donaldson Ave. Folks in the area are trying hard to revive the Deco District, and with the help of local eateries like the Koffee Kup, the urban tapestry is enriched.

The Kup’s lunch specials change daily. On my recent visit, the meatloaf had nice chunks of vegetables in it, but was topped with a Salisbury steak sauce, the kind that gels almost instantly. The sauce spelled meaty flavor overload paired with the already meaty meatloaf, but it proved perfect for mixing with the cheesy mashed potatoes and Parmesan bread.

The offerings improve, however, with more standard café fare such as sandwiches and breakfasts. The French toast is thick as Texas toast, yet it stays intact in spite of the syrup on top. The steak sandwich comes with plenty of cheese and grilled peppers, and the meat is tender.

The place is tiny, only a half-dozen tables on the inside and a few more on the out. If you’re going with a group, plan to wait. The food and space (and the coffee, come to think of it) are kind of like your mom’s house — comforting and completely without fuss or pretense. Nothing is spectacular, but it all satisfies cravings for stick-to-your-ribs diner food.

The Koffee Kup is open for breakfast and lunch every day.


Koffee Kup

1025 Donaldson Ave

(210) 785-9007




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