Down the Hatch: The Horse's Neck 

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  • Ginna Kincaide

It is the first of the 90-plus-degree days. The sun beats down on already sunburnt skin and it is too hot to be hung-over and to simultaneously suffer an allergy attack. I’m walking the dog, wondering where all these pigeons came from, when somehow a fire ant sneaks his way into my shoe, creeping under my sock and giving me his stinging kiss. Summer has announced her arrival and I need a drink.

The Horse’s Neck has a history too long to tell here. Let’s just say Ian Fleming, James Bond’s creator, referred to it as “The Drunkard’s Drink.” It is easy to make and refreshing, consisting of brandy, lemon peel, bitters, and ginger ale, a simple cocktail for those slow, simmering summer days. This is a slight variation, using an orange peel in place of lemon.

1 oz brandy (a low-end brandy works just fine)
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
An orange peel (try and peel the orange a few times around, into a spiral)

Stir everything into a rocks glass with ice.

Fill with ginger ale (preferably Schweppes or Fever Tree).




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