Frenemy foods acts like your friend, but stabs you in the back — "healthy choices" that aren't 

click to enlarge Mediterranean Chicken Wrap from Quizno's
  • Mediterranean Chicken Wrap from Quizno's

Feeding yourself like a grownup turns out to be harder than you thought. Without your parents' lovingly presented, nutritionally balanced meals magically appearing on the table each night, you're at the mercy of the dining hall and its unlimited soft-serve machine, 23 different kinds of sugary cereal, and nightly mac & cheese.

But while everyone knows a bacon cheeseburger will do you no favors in the pants area, if you think going out for salads and smoothies is automatically a healthier option, be careful. Not every salad has your best interests at heart. (Look, in their defense, restaurants just prioritize "delicious" over "healthful," because that's what brings customers back.)

Keeping in mind that we **are not doctors**, the general rule of thumb for a lady who wants to maintain her weight is to take in 1,500 calories a day; to lose, 1,200. (Guys: You get 2,500 calories to maintain weight, and 2,000 to slim down.) Know before you grow (out of your jeans).




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