Hangover Helper: Address Your Mess With These Handy Makeup Tips 

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So you stayed up all night and partied. Or maybe you swiped right and got lucky, but you still have an 8 a.m. class. Maybe you got hooked on Netflix, swore "only one more episode," then checked your watch and it was already 6 a.m. Or worse yet, you stayed up all night studying for that exam you have in a couple hours. Guilty of any (or all) of the above offenses? Consider these quick fixes when you're looking less than refreshed.

Warm Is Good

Before you start your morning routine, sip a cup of hot water with a whole lemon squeezed into it to get yourself going. It'll help wake you up without the addition of caffeine.

Prep Your Canvas

Chances are you didn't take off your makeup from the night before, which is a total no-no as it'll block pores and cause zits. Start by washing your face and then apply a face cream with cucumber or aloe vera. While it adds moisture to your face, this will also help plump up dehydrated skin cells and make you look dewy. Adding a good brightening eye cream will help combat your tired look. If you have under-eye bags due to a late night, skin products with caffeine can help improve your appearance.

Learn To Conceal

There are plenty of tricks of the trade to hide bags, redness and blemishes. If you've taken your art credit, the color wheel may come in handy here. If you've gone to a makeup store I'm sure you've noticed the different colored concealers: yellow (apricot), lavender and green, each of which has a different use. A yellow (apricot) will hide the following: bluish bruises, bluer under-eye circles and mid-toned reds on the face. A lavender concealer will conceal yellow bruises, very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on darker skin tones. And a green concealer works best on the red tones of the skin. This one will cover the blemishes, blotches, rosacea and port-wine stains. Pat it on with your ring finger.

Keep It Light

Try to steer clear of heavy, dark makeup — it'll make you look weighed down. Start off with a primer to keep the moisture in and then apply foundation. Keep your look light and bright; neutral eyeliners work to divert attention from red eyes. While blush and bronzer work best to bring natural color to the face, pay special attention to the time of year. Finally, finish up the look with a natural-looking lip color and get yourself to class.



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