This is a past event.

Horse Feathers & Punch Drunks 

When: Tue., Aug. 21, 7:30 p.m. 2018
Price: Free for Victory Rewards members (free registration at
The four Marx Brothers were in their prime when they made this college football comedy. Groucho plays college president Quincy Adams Wagstaff, introducing himself with the delightful song “I’m Against It.” His brother Zeppo plays his son, which is a typical example of how Marx plots can’t be taken seriously, and an even better example is how Chico and Harpo get recruited to play on the football team. The climax shows how “the big game” has been effective in comedies for decades, and as recently as 2008 was named No. 1 in an ESPN rundown of the top 11 football scenes in movies. Some of the more risqué moments in this pre-Code comedy have been censored and never recovered, but it’s still funny. For additional anarchy, this screening is accompanied by the second ever Three Stooges short, Punch Drunks, in which Curly turns into a champion boxer whenever he hears “Pop Goes the Weasel.” He’s a victim of soycumstance.


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