Jay-Z's Next Record Could Be His Side of the Lemonade Story

Just how sweet will Jay-Z's response, Kool-Aid, be? - YOUTUBE
Just how sweet will Jay-Z's response, Kool-Aid, be?

How could Jay not respond? His wife throws her ring at the camera. Swears she's not sorry for her own potential infidelities. Claims that if he fucks up once more, that famous booty will be the last thing he sees, twisting on down the line to the next ... man. 

With Beyoncé putting Mr. Carter on blast like that, for all the world to speculate on the strife and turmoil inside of the Knowles-Carter household – the hearth and home that so recently was getting ransacked, Warhols be damned, due to wild, drunken foreplay – how could one-half of the most powerful power couple in entertainment not tell his side of the story?

Us Weekly recently reported that Hova was in the process of recording a follow-up to the understandably infuriated diss-missile tracks on Beyoncé's visual album Lemonade. However, it also concludes that the couple have worked through their issues; the much-publicized Solange attack at a Met Gala afterparty at which Jay was supposedly flirting with former fling Rachel Roy. 

Quick reality check: This shit does not matter and is totally a distraction from the current political campaign of the Grand Oaf Party and the establishment candidate who may face federal indictment before she could even take office. But, that's also why it's so entertaining and fun to speculate on: precisely because it's not a matter of life and death. It's just two fabulously wealthy artists and entrepreneurs dealing with real life shit. Dang ol' Becky with the good hair. 

OK, back to the circus. In the same Us Weekly article, a "source close to the couple" stated that Lemonade is the entire debacle, from beginning to end, wrapped up in a foxy, superb and insanely-marketable R&B record: "It explains how she and Jay got through their problems. The good outweighed the bad, so she gave him a second chance.” Done.

For our take on the supreme marketability of the record, the financial angles and monetary ulterior motives potentially at play, visit our recent story on Lemonade, here. And for those that still want to try to get to the bottom of the Rachel Roy/Jay-Z/Bey triangle, New York Daily News recently reported that Roy's phone had been hacked and her emails to Jay were swiped.

In closing, just remember that when Jay drops his version, you heard the title here first: Kool-Aid: As in, Cool the Fuck Down, Bey. You Know I Love You, Girl.

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