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By Gilbert Garcia

For much of her contentious re-election campaign, Mary Alice Cisneros has had to answer complaints that she's not sufficiently responsive to her constituents.

Recently, however, another issue has begun to dog the District 1 councilmember: allegations that she's exaggerating her achievements and inflating her record. The two complaints are related, in the sense that Cisneros has felt pressure to defend her Council record, and seems to have gone to great lengths to argue that she's attuned to her district's problems.

This morning, the Express-News published a strong piece by Tracy Idell-Hamilton, which dissected a Cisneros campaign mailer that gives the councilwoman credit for projects approved by voters before she took office.

One District 1 resident outraged by Cisneros' recent assertions has been Patricia Doria, president of the Los Angeles Heights/Keystone Neighborhood Association. Doria, who supports Cisneros' challenger Chris Forbrich, says Cisneros dropped Doria's name at a Monte Vista neighborhood forum as someone with whom she's worked closely on historical designation for two streets in Doria's neighborhood. "I've never even spoken to the councilwoman about that. Her office never even got involved," Doria says.

During a March interview with the Current, Cisneros similarly touted her cooperative working relationship with Doria. "It really bothers me," Doria says, "because how can anyone put their trust in her as our city councilperson, if she's going around and saying things that are false?"

Doria is also incensed that Cisneros has listed the establishment of a police store front in the Deco Building among her accomplishments. "We had a meeting with Chief McManus, and `Deco Building board president` Paul Stahl stood up and told the chief that he'd give the department a space in the Deco Building if `McManus` could make it happen," Doria says. "`District 7 Councilmember` Justin Rodriguez was there, but the councilwoman was not even there yet. She was late. Justin is the one who got this done, not the councilwoman."



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