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Bambi, the mascot for the Best of San Antonio 2005. No chihuahuas were harmed during the making of this issue. See all the picks in this year's Best of San Antonio. Photo by Mark Greenberg.


Trademark offense

In last week's article "Kill Bill" `April 7-13, 2005` we swapped a Center for an Institute and inadvertently attributed a statistic regarding the number of Texan's who oppose giving pharmacists the ability to override a doctor's order and refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control - 87 percent - to the internationally recognized Scripps Research Institute, a registered trademark, in La Jolla, California, and Palm Beach County, Florida. The statistic came from the Scripps Research Center of Abilene, Texas. We apologize for any confusion that may have caused.


Cesar deserves a street

Re: "Don't push the white man around" `Mail, March 31-April 6, 2005`, being a student at Palo Alto College, I feel that Cesar E. Chavez has done a lot for the people. Yes, there are streets across the country named after him, but not in San Antonio. Why not honor him by changing Commerce Street to Cesar E. Chavez Avenue, even though he deserves more than just renaming a street after him.

Isaac Griego, San Antonio

Where's the compassion?

I propose erecting story-foot high photos of abused children as a fair "Free Speech" response to the anti-abortion display at UTSA `"A picture yells a thousand words," March 31-April 6, 2005`. We could use case files from right here in Texas. Be sure to include the infant who was slammed against a wall and blinded for life and the emaciated bodies of children starved to death at the hands of their own parents.

Where are these compassionate and caring pro-life proponents AFTER a child is born? More concerned with controlling women's bodies than truly caring about the well-being of children.

T.F., San Antonio



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