This is a past event.

"New Works by Daphid" 

When: Fri., Aug. 14, 7-11 p.m. 2015
Price: Free
The human experience, and thus its expression in art, is as endless and diverse as the natural world. The most powerful and primordial aspect of the human experience is one that ties us most inextricably to the natural world: sex. Throughout the millennia, artists have continually dealt with sexuality in their work, with a variety of aims. Some works of art are essentially moral and convey a pointed social message about sex. Some works celebrate the human form and its perfection. Some works seek to link sex to love or to high religious ideals. Some works carry an important message and some are mere expressions of personal fantasy or are only intended as pure exercises in form. The erotic/pornographic works of local artist Daphid, which will be exhibited for the first time in a single collection on Friday at K23 Gallery, fall in the category of fantastical exercises. Daphid is a 33-year-old San Antonio native who has been a working artist for the past eight years. But, he told the San Antonio Current over the phone last week, he only began trying his hand at erotic art about a year ago. Much of Daphid’s other work deals with celebrity and popular culture, using stark black lines and vivid, messily-applied watercolors to recreate iconic movie scenes and to lend a wobbly, lysergic effect to celebrity portraits. His work is edgy and vibrant and tends to celebrate cult classics and grotesque figures that elicit a twinge of shock and pity as much as reverence. Click here to read our full story on Daphid.


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