Mr. "Cat Scratch Fever" entered the annals of great literature with God, Guns, and Rock 'n' Roll, and has followed that tome with Kill It & Grill It. He writes that after having a "little point-counterpoint gitdown" with a vegetarian, he "went on that evening to perform one hell of a firebreathing rockout, fueled by singed venison ... I didn't floss or wipe the greaze (sic) from my fingers before the concert, hoping to get the maximum mileage from the natural oils of the beast that provided me the energy and fuel that night."

From right, Donna Basse and Ginger Sepulveda visit with rock 'n' roll outdoorsman Ted Nugent at a recent Borders book signing for Nugent's new cookbook, Kill It & Grill It. The two women were sent by their husbands, who were out at their deer lease.Photo by Mark Greenberg

As a matter of disclosure, I should admit I've been a vegetarian for 12 years. Although I'm not one to proselytize — hey Ted, your heart attack and colon cancer just leaves more green beans for the rest of us — naturally, I prefer to pick it and grill it, rather than slaughter and sauté it. Yet, even a raving carnivore likes a veggie side dish, and Nugent would probably invite me to dinner — but likely find me too stringy for his palate.

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