Our Top 10 Fave Movies And Shows About College Life

College is going to be full of piles of homework, sleeping in the library and, more importantly, spending late nights on your couch using Netflix as an excuse to procrastinate. Budget your time wisely and use your binge sessions to help prepare you for one of the most important stages in your life. Here's our roundup of some of our favorite movies and TV shows about college life.

The Graduate

Why to watch: You're about to graduate/just graduated and have no idea what you're doing with your life (like everyone else who is about to graduate/just graduated).

What you'll learn: Few other movies and shows have captivated the weird feelings that come when you're closing one of the most significant chapters of your life. It will be weird; it will be scary; you may do some weird things. The Graduate is here to tell you that's OK. You're most definitely not alone in feeling like you're walking around in a scuba suit in your backyard.

Pitch Perfect

Why to watch: You've heard all of the advice about how important it is to get involved on campus and you love musicals.

What you'll learn: Whether you're just starting or about to finish up your college career, the message is the same: Get involved and make friends. Don't be afraid to take risks, put your heart on the line and try something new. Your college years are when you're free to explore without restraints. Learn to paint, try out for the band, go to one of the meetings advertised on the community board. You'll have some strange experiences, but risks can result in unexpected catalysts that can lead to great opportunities and friendships.

Legally Blonde

Why to watch: You've been through a breakup, you're interested in sorority life, you want to laugh and experience a college classic.

What you'll learn: Breakups really suck. Really. There's also almost no way around the fact that you'll probably go through a few while you're in college. Things change when you leave high school and really change after you finish your undergrad. Let Elle be your guide to navigating the rocky crags of heartbreak and show you that yes, you will make it out alive. Even better, you can challenge yourself to see more in yourself than your college partner ever could. Being yourself and following your dreams is more fun and worthwhile than pining over your jerky ex anyway.


Why to watch: It's funny, compelling and great for


What you'll learn: Greendale Community College is the place for all of us who have spent just a little too long figuring out who we want to be. It also portrays the different types of people you'll really meet in college, be it community or university. The overly aggressive social justice warrior, socially awkward introverts who are actually geniuses, the football player who peaked in high school, the over-achiever who is addicted to Adderall. We all end up where we end up for different reasons. There is no one path to success and life takes so many twists and turns that you won't be able to predict. Community will show you how to appreciate and grow from the people you'll meet in college, however flawed y'all may be. College is as much about learning from acceptance and friendship as it is about academics.

Gilmore Girls

Why to watch: It's heartwarming, funny and makes you feel like you have another mom and sister who are going through exactly what you are experiencing right now.

What you'll learn: Roommates can be crazy, but they are also some of the most valuable people you'll know. It's good to be challenged. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, so you shouldn't take anything too seriously. Internships can teach you a lot about yourself. Sometimes professors/bosses will empower you, other times they can make you feel like dirt. College is stressful and sometimes it's OK to take a semester off if you really need to. Also, you have to travel abroad at least once.

Animal House

Why to watch: Animal House is an American classic and never stops being hilarious. Also, you can thank John Belushi for popularizing the toga party.

What you'll learn: Don't let the fun of Greek life (or partying in general) mess with your GPA. Listen to the angel on your shoulder when it comes to dealing with females at parties. Most of all: Make friends and have fun.

Old School

Why to watch: To see some of the most insane and ridiculous ways college can get people to drink.

What you'll learn: Well ... nothing really. Besides that a 90-year-old man should probably not be put in a mud-wrestling match with a hot 20-something female.

Revenge of the Nerds

Why to watch: You're a nerd, and you want to understand

panty raids.

What you'll learn: Frat bros in the 1980s were real jerks. While some of them still can be (in the real world, outside of movies about college), frat bros can be really great people. If it just so happens you have a run-in with the worst kind of the '80s variety, this movie will help you plot your revenge.

Monsters University

Why to watch: You love cute Pixar movies that make you feel like anything is possible, even outside of Monsters University.

What you'll learn: Teamwork makes the dream work. Sometimes you are going to fight with your friends or roommates and may even develop some fierce rivalries. At the end of the day, the fighting is usually not worth the friendships and reconciliation is always the way to go.

The Social Network

Why to watch: Because gaining some insight into the college experience of one of the most influential men in the world has to teach you something.

What you'll learn: Don't share good ideas with weasels who will steal them and become billionaires. Also, there are some people who have outgrown college before they get there. Befriend geniuses with big ideas.

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