This is a past event.


When: Sat., July 23, 7 p.m. 2016
Price: $22
Over the course of this past year, Pouya has been hard at work bangin' out fresh beats and collaborating with artists like Getter, Fat Nick, Ying Yang Twins, and many more. His age may appear deceiving, but this kid spits straight 90s hip-hop and Memphis fire, ruling the reigning mayhem that Pouya is just getting started. Amidst Pouya's multi-faceted rap skills, he is one of those artists who completely let's his personality shine through, solidifying any Pouya show as a divergence from an atypical hip-hop/rap show. From here on now out, get ready to hear a lot more of brand new Pouya as the Miami-native preps to take the country by storm. Pouya is destined to be a defining catalyst in engineering a concrete path where hip-hop, rap, and electronic music can sustain their newfound ability to coexist in the world of ultramodern music - no matter which multifarious genre you come from


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