SA Sound: Miley Cyrus twerks in SA, Hydra Melody opens for Third Eye Blind

IN DEFENSE OF MILEY It’s official: just when we needed her, Miley Cyrus will be stopping at the AT&T Center on March 15, 2014, as part of the Bangerz Tour that starts on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver, British Columbia, and, as of now, ends April 24 in Uniondale, N.Y. (more dates will be announced). Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 16, at If you have an American Express card and can’t wait to check her tongue out, you can buy tickets from now until Friday, November 15 at 10 p.m. Fans can also have a chance to buy tickets via Facebook RSVP.

Say what you want about Miley. I don’t go home and groove to her music, but on a daily basis I receive tons of “respectable” stuff that sounds a lot worse. And as far as her antics (her groping, her touching, the tongue, the twerking … the nakedness! Ohhh!), I never hear anyone criticizing male stars showing their abs or looking “sexy.” Oh, you’re worried about what to tell your daughter about the death of Hannah Montana? Like Louis C.K. said (referring to those who ask themselves, “How can I explain gay marriage to my kid?”): “It’s your fucking kid. You tell [him/her]. Why should I care?”

While the whole world, from Sinéad O’Connor to the Church Lady to staunch conservatives and “cool” liberals were bitching about the actions of a woman who knew perfectly well what she was doing all along, Cyrus was getting richer and more popular (no, Sinéad, no one at the label told her to get naked; she did it all herself). Bangerz debuted at No. 1 on both the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and the Digital Album Charts with over 270,000 copies sold. It was No. 1 on iTunes in more than 70 countries, the first two singles sold 4.3 million copies in the U.S. alone, and “Wrecking Ball” became the No. 1 Spotify stream in the U.S. ever, with 2.5 million plays. Does all this make her a “good” artist? Not necessarily, but that’s not the point. The point is—she did something expecting a reaction. And she got it.
So, go girl. You’re winning. And many of us will see ya in SA. Not me, of course.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS… Which is it? “Smoke and Mirrors”? “White Lies”? “Tension?” It’s hard to decide which is my favorite song on Fiction’s self-titled debut album. It’s a compact, 35-minute alternative/garage tour de force (ideal for a two-sided vinyl, like in the good old days), with a singer/guitarist full of personality (Mercedes Smith) and guitars (hers and Jessica Bartolett’s) that cut like a knife, subtle rap touches and a solid rhythm section by Christopher Doyle (drums and percussion) and Mike Piersimoni (bass and vocals). The album starts with a bang and keeps getting better. I’m alternating writing this and emailing the band with questions, because each track is better than the last and I go, “WTF?!” every three minutes. Get it NOW on Reverbnation and Bandcamp and catch them live as soon as you can. Next stop: January 31 at Hi-Tones. Damn.

LOVE STORY Davy & Amelia (Jacob, 22, and Jenna Walker, 21, artistically named after Davy Crockett and Amelia Earhart) have been on a crazy adventure since their mid-teens, and this year they finally have two babies to show for it: their very fine folk-rock Norah June EP (which they presented at Jack’s Bar on November 1) and the actual Norah June, a baby girl born October 9. They’re a welcome new addition to the SA scene (Jacob comes from a military family) and deserve some local love. You can find the Norah June EP everywhere, including

LUNA LIVE TURNS 10 It’s been 10 years already? Luna Live’s a decade old and it’s celebrating with one of its (and my) favorite bands, Latin soul/R&B badasses Sexto Sol ($10, 9:30pm Sat, Nov 16, 6740 San Pedro). That’s right: Sexto Sol is still going and there’s plans for a new release in 2014. They’ll soon post a crowd-source funding video. “This could be our most important album, in which we cement our legacy, so we want to do this the right way,” bassist Greg Goodman told SA Sound. Can’t wait.

What a great year San Antonio’s Hydra Melody has had. After winning Milwaukee’s Land the Big Gig Competition in June (which gave them a $20,000 prize and the chance to open for a big band), they’ll now be opening for Third Eye Blind for nine dates in November and December. The win is especially sweet given the fact that they experienced technical problems at the finals, but once they said, “Fuck it,” they kicked ass and took the gold. The bad part: none of those nine dates are in SA, but let us hope will see them in 2014, and with a brand new album.

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