Same Obamadrama, different day

One of our Queque contributors piqued the Hardest Hating Writer in the River City (Barbara Renaud Gonzalez, revive your Las True Stories from San Antonio blog! The Queque compels you) by comparing two of SA’s young black politicos to Barack Obama and deriding an Eastside scion (“Our City Council graduating class” June 13-19). C’mon Babs, all’s fair in political analogies, but the Queque will admit the comparison is a bit of a stretch: The toy pugs on the porch can’t come close to the sporting retrievers, if you know what we mean.

This Sunday Obama brings the hunt to Sunset Station’s Lone Star Pavillion at 1174 E. Commerce (doors open at 12:45 p.m. Info at [email protected]). And for $25 you, too, can see the real Obama and comfort and cheer him — his Senate amendment on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act to phase out the point system that’s likely to replace employer- and family-sponsored immigration failed, but the Queque likes where his heart is at. And even though his ID is low among Latinos nationally (“… a blank slate to many Hispanic voters, polls show, with 40 percent having no opinion of him,” says the June 10 New York Times), Obama’s holding his own among Dems in our majority Latino paradiso. Austin-based IVR Polls did an admittedly very tiny survey (see “Poll Positioning: Democrats & SA” June 12 on the Current’s Chisme Libre blog) that says Obama’s support is growing here, jumping 14 percent since March and running six percentage points behind the poll’s presidential Democratic frontrunner, Hillraiser Clinton.

Maybe the wife of a top-dog Mexican Prince can play the heroic underdog and wrestle 10 other luchadores for the honor! For the ultimate preservation! For the drinking of the Edwards Aquifer!

Because on June 7 Mary Alice Cisneros sauntered onto the City Council mat and played the environmentally conscious técnica — voting along with term-limited Councilwoman Patti Radle against a developer who wants to build a business park over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. It passed, but M.A.C.’s vote — along with another recharge-area zoning case on Hausman Road which failed that day with the help of Cisneros’s nay — challenges the Queque’s preconceived notions about who’ll be throwing down the mucha lucha as the new Santa for the Acuífero now that Radle’s gone.

Pour a michelada or four into the Queque, and we’ll lament with wild, sloshing gestures how many fine family establishments refuse to carry our fine family ragazine due to the “adult” content in our nether pages. “We’s don’t gets it,” the Queque will slur. “Whass wrong with ‘massage and personal training by Richard?’” Eventually, you’ll want to switch subjects: Bring up LareDOS, the 72-page alt-monthly serving our friends 145 miles to the south, and we promise to stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

On June 5, Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas was idling at the airport waiting for a flight to Anaheim for the All-American City Awards when he happened to notice the LareDOS stack on the Convention and Visitors Bureau desk. On the cover, a bony crew of calaveras representing Salinas and Webb County Judge Danny Daldez were sombrero-dancing around a business partnership with the Geo Group, the private-prison operator formerly known as Wackenhut. It wasn’t the first visual slap at Laredo’s mayor: A month earlier, the cover painted Laredo’s city council as flat-chested cheerleaders for developers planning to build a mall over a wetland duck habitat. Salinas ordered the newspaper removed from the airport, as well as City Hall, violating both the First Amendment and Laredo’s mayor-city manager separation of powers. Unlike the Current, LareDOS doesn’t run escort and massage ads, so public decency can’t be Salinas’s excuse. However, censorship of critical content may not have been Salinas’s motive either. According to publisher Maria Eugenia Guerra, Salinas called her the day before he ordered the papers removed to tell her he was pissed off that his pet chihuahua, Princess, had started making guest appearances on LareDOS’s covers as Salinas’s Jiminy-Cricket moral compass. “He considers it an attack on his family,” Guerra told the Queque.

Following a local media uproar, led by Guerra and Laredo FM morning-show host Jay St. John, Salinas publicly apologized to LareDOS and its readers in front of their city council on Tuesday. Guerra, though, says she won’t be meeting him halfway: She’ll be handing out this week’s special “First Amendment 101” issue personally at the airport (also available online at and launching a new “Princess Diaries” column authored by the mayor’s dog.

Tired of mowing grass? Don’t care about burning your feet on hot-enough-to-cook-an-egg pavement? Then consider the lovely Cement Hills homes that could spring up east of Kyle Seale Parkway near 1604 if Kyle Seale ranch developers exercise their full vested development rights.

The Seale family attorney, along with former District 8 Councilman Art Hall and Rolando Briones, the district’s zoning commissioner, threaten … err … say that the 85-acre lot annexed in 2005 could be filled with cement if Council denies the developers request to rezone the property from residential to commercial. SAWS recommends the zoning change, in exchange for 65-percent impervious cover, a compromise mindful of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone the development

The threat to fill the land with 100 percent sand-and-gravel butter sounds like complete BS to the Queque, but what doesn’t sound like BS to the neighborhood associations that oppose the change is that Wal-Mart and other big-box stores would bring their mayhem (traffic, pollution) to these currently sparse lands as part of Seale’s commercial real-estate agenda.

Council takes up the case Thursday at 9 a.m. in the City Council Chamber located in the Municipal Plaza building off Main and Commerce streets. (Santa de Acuífero, what will you do?)


For the record, the Queque is not a member of Star Trek’s Q Continuum; we’re not masters of time and space, both of which we ran short of in compiling last week’s outgoing city-council package `“Our City Council Graduating Class,” June 13-19`, forcing us to stick thematically to the term-limited. You can read a brief profile of Elena Guajardo, District 7’s ousted single-term sweetheart, on our blog Chisme Libre.


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