Savage Love: Working Out the Kinks

My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles are handled, squeezed, pulled, or pressed on (preferably with my stockinged foot or knee). Needless to say, intercourse does not work very well, and our sexual repertoire is rather limited, which is frustrating for both of us. His doctor says his ED is not physiological. I’ve read your advice on “death grip” masturbation and suspect it’s a variation of that. I would love to try to “rewire” him; we have started trying to conceive, so we need him to ejaculate successfully at least a few times per cycle (to increase our chances but also for sperm health). We are in our mid-30s, so I don’t want to wait months for him to increase his sensitivity. What would you suggest?
–Almost Resigned To A Turkey Baster

My first suggestion, ARTATB, is that you drop the stigmatizing and unhelpful talk about ED (“erectile dysfunction”). Your boyfriend’s dick works—he can obtain and sustain an erection, he can blow loads—he just requires a very specific and inconvenient form of stimulus to obtain and sustain that erection.

My second suggestion is to accessorize. He needs to have his balls handled, squeezed, pulled, and pressed on? There are toys for that! At Mr. S Leather (, for instance, you’ll find all sorts of metal and silicone ball stretchers; some of them lock, some are electrified, and some snap on with magnets. This is a little complicated to explain—it would be easier to show you, but I don’t make house calls anymore—but try to picture this: You roll up one of your stockings, put his balls in the toe, bolt a ball stretcher around his now-stocking-wrapped sack, and then unroll the stocking. Then yank on one end of the stocking either with your toes (pulling his balls down) or with your hand after pulling the stocking up through his crack and over his shoulder (pulling his balls back and up). Voilà! Your boyfriend’s balls are being handled, squeezed, and pulled on during PIV intercourse, you’re doing the pulling, and your stockings are in play!

Work with his kink and there’s no need to waste time retraining him—and, hey, who knows? A few dozen successful PIV/ball-stretcher sessions could help your boyfriend make the leap to plain ol’ PIV. Quality metal ball stretchers aren’t cheap; a good one will set you back $150. But they’re a whole lot cheaper than fertility treatments and a fuck of a lot sexier than turkey basters.

My husband has seen a professional dominatrix for more than a decade. We’ve gotten to know her socially—she’s a lovely person—but I feel she should stop charging my husband for sessions, as we are now friends. She is a “lifestyle dominant” and enjoys her job.
–The Vanilla Wife

My lawyer is a “lifestyle arguer,” he enjoys his job, and I see him socially—and I pay him for his services, TVW, because he is a professional. The same goes for your husband’s dom.

I’m considering having a threesome with a couple, but the friend I routinely confide in about my sexual adventures has warned me against it. She had a threesome once, and it didn’t go well—there were jealousy issues that resulted in some hurt feelings and heartbreak—and now I don’t know if I should risk it. I’m a guy, and the couple in question is M/F.
–This Hesitation Is Really Draining

Your friend is right: Threesomes don’t always go well. So you should stick to twosomes, THIRD, which always go perfectly, present no potential jealousy issues, and never result in hurt feelings and heartbreak.

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