Serene Dominic Episode 11 

Our first bi-coastal vidcast starts out in the cold wintry climate of Westchester, New York, where Serene clears some brush and reviews "Rock and Roll Jobs Created and Lost in 2008." Then he jets back to sunny Phoenix to interview Cris Kirkwood of the legendary Meat Puppets. Cris talks about the new album, gives us a sneak peak at the cover art and then gamely grinds our breakneck-paced Lightning Round to a crawl with his well-considered, unhurried answers. This goes a long way in explaining why Andy Griffith is such a hero of his. After Cris claims his Road Booty prize, Serene jets back to cold, unforgiving New York to introduce this episode's music video, "Wish 2 God," in front of Radio City Music Hall. Dressed as Bwana, or King Vitamin (we're not quite sure), he is carried through the streets of Manhattan and Dallas by Secret Service men. Look for guest cameos by Colonel Sanders and Matt Strangwayes of Greenhaven fame.



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