S'NUFF film 

A movie-nerd joke with two possible punchlines:

Q: What would you get if you remade The Godfather 2 as a 10-minute amateur film?

Hyman Roth: Don’t ask. It’s got nothing to do with business.

Kay Corleone: An abortion, Michael. It’s an abortion!

Hopefully our local filmmakers did better in the San Antonio Local Film Fest-sponsored Summer Remake Challenge. SALFF (myspace.com/salff) dared aspiring Coppolas to remake full-length studio films as 10-minute shorts, and the local fest will screen the results beginning 8 p.m. Friday, August 7, at the Radius Center (106 Auditorium Circle). A $5 donation to the festival gets you in the door.

And now, a little something for the ladies … The fifth-annual CineMujer International Film Festival, sponsored by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, has extended its deadline to Friday, August 7. The festival is looking for films made within the past two years about and/or produced or directed by women. Short notice unless you’re planning a 10-minute remake of A League of Their Own or something, but if you’ve already got a film (and the requisite genitalia) ready to go, you’ve got just enough time to drop it (the film) in the mail. Get your application at esperanzacenter.org.



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