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And we’re back. See, we like to keep you on your toes, is the thing — make sure you’re paying attention, never too complacent or secure; but rather simmering, like an impassioned and jealous lover.

Of cinema.

Yes, cinema lover, ’tis too true. Lady Celluloid can be a cruel mistress: fickle and unkind, here today, gone tomorrow. She’ll shower golden, gossamer inspiration upon you one month, throttle you until your eyes burst the next — but that, oh faithful devotee, is what true love is all ab—

Wait a moment.

What month is it?

Aw, crap. Wrong metaphor.


It’s March. Let’s get cinema-drunk!

First things first: I hope sincerely that you’ve all gotten your On The Lot submissions in by now, because the deadline’s passed. Your next shot at getting a shot at getting a Spielberg handshake and DreamWorks distribution deal won’t come ’til next season — assuming that  the show’s a success and said season gets the go-ahead. (Talk about your built-in fan base.) So get over to and make that show a hit, if you know what’s good fer ya. (It’s here that I’ll toss in an utterly unabashed plug for the entries by my soon-to-be brothers-in-law: One’s a short thriller called Apparition, the other’s one of two horror entries called Puzzled `look for the one with bearded fella in the wheelchair`, and, dare I say it, they’re durned impressive. Really.) All in all, the site’s worth a look, if only to gauge potential competition for the next go-round; some of it, admittedly, is well beyond dreadful, but there’re at least a handful that’ll leave an impression.

Along similar lines, HGTV (enjoyed thoroughly by my fiancé and people-without-penises everywhere) is in search of “innovative and cutting edge homes built on a budget by homeowners with a unique vision” for Out of the Box, a new series that will showcase creatively designed homes and the uncompromising owners who dote on them. Contact Joni Emily: (303) 712-3273, [email protected].

Got a Latinocentric (i.e. featuring or made by/for/about Latinos) feature, short, documentary, or experimental film, created no earlier than 2005 and not yet picked up for broadcast or distribution (possible exceptions on the latter for docs or shorts)? Think you can hustle one off to NYC by March 31? If so, I’d start thinking seriously about the New York International Latino Film Festival, from whence have issued such notable alumni as Raising Victor Vargas and A Day Without a Mexican. Applications/more information at: Address: N.Y. International Latino Film Festival, 419 Lafayette St., 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10003.

If you can’t make that deadline, you can still try for the $200-and-lowrider-bike grand prize offered by the San Antonio Underground Film Festival ( for info/entry forms), accepting submissions ’til April 21 (or May 30, if you wanna push it). Mail to: San Antonio Underground Film Festival, 1633 Babcock #111, San Antonio, TX, 78229. [email protected]. Contact: Adam Rocha, fest director.

Due March 21: local high-school students’ work for one-hour doc/showcase Fresh Cut. Send an e-mail with your name, school, address, and e-mail address to [email protected] to be added to Fresh Cut’s mailing list.

Also looking: Short Film Cinema, “for short films with Christian, Inspirational, or Family Value themes.” Mail to: Short Film Cinema, PO Box 761165, San Antonio, TX 78245. Info:

Check or for late-breaking film news.

— Brian Villalobos

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