The Spanker's staunch, anti-amplification artistic stance is the source of much ballyhoo, both pro and con. The Spankers have been known, much to the chagrin of club owners, to halt performances if audience members grow so loud as to drown out the performers. Some critics applaud the band's purist inflexibility in this matter; others just think they're prima donna pussies. I can assure you that the latter is NOT the case at all.

Example: Several years ago, the Spankers were playing a gig on Sixth Street in Austin, and kept stalling the performance to shush a rowdy audience member. As vocalist Christina Marrs was



Thursday, February 13
1719 Blanco Road

verbally chastising the culprit, he chucked a half-full beer bottle in her general direction. Wrong move. Marrs may dress like a mid-century torch singer and sound like an acid-infused Patsy Cline, but I wouldn't risk pushing her buttons. Grabbing a wooden stage prop, Marrs chased the little shit out the door and down the block, screaming and swinging at him like a lunatic. I don't think the kid knew if he should be frightened or sexually aroused.

Luckily, Casbeers tends to be a bit less rowdy than your average Austin watering hole, so beer bottle showers are probably not in the forecast. Just make sure you bring a muzzle for that unbearably chatty friend of yours and a handful of Ritalin for the kids. •



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