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Jeremy Martin finally gets his hands on Nintendo’s Wii.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

So maybe Wii doesn’t have the most cutting-edge graphics or the most powerful hardware. Nintendo managed something better this time: Wii’s the only next-gen system to claim a killer app with an A-list title at launch. You can sword fight with the remote and you get to be a wolf for some parts. Buy this game now.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Wii has to be the ultimate girlfriend-friendly system, and Rayman, with its fun, and ultra-cute, rabbit-oriented mini-games is a big reason why. “Who wants to spend hours disco dancing or squirting carrot juice at thirsty bunnies in snorkels?” you might be asking. Have you ever even talked to a girl before?

Red Steel

The controls are frustrating, the graphics wouldn’t have been impressive on a PS2 launch title, and the dialogue and storyline are laughably cheesy, but the Wii controller practically screams for a first-person shooter/slasher, and I’m guessing it will be a while before anything manages to top this game.

Rampage: Total Destruction

You know this game: You’re a big monkey/lizard/wolf-thing and you destroy buildings for some reason. If that sounds fun, you’re in for a treat, because the Wii version of this game is perhaps the finest monkey-thing-building-destroyer-game ever made. The Wii remote’s motion sensor gives the game a new level of playability and the amount of unlockable monstrosities to choose from mocks God herself. Don’t feel like being a hideous giant monkey? How about a hideous lobster-man?

Wii Sports
Free with console

What’s the last console that came with a free game on launch day? I could probably do the research myself, but I’m too busy playing tennis in my living room to check Wikipedia. The sports — boxing, tennis, bowling, golf, and baseball — are challenging and well-designed enough to keep you entertained long after your other launch titles have been traded in.



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