Spittin’ Game

The Incredible Hulk

Is it OK to pretend to destroy New York City again? In this loose movie tie-in you’re actually rewarded with special achievements for knocking down landmarks like Trump Tower, the Empire State building, and the UN headquarters, an idea that seems way too awesome for the post-9/11 world.

Unfortunately, the novelty wears off in the first few hours. The outrageous annihilation physics provided by the Havoc engine aren’t enough to hold this open-ended game together. Sandbox gameplay similar to the Spider-Man games becomes frustrating quickly. Instead of swinging between buildings like Spidey, you’re stuck hopping your fat green ass through downtown in search of missions and mini games, and don’t even think you’re going to catch a cab — you’re two stories tall, and you aren’t even wearing a shirt.

The tedium is multiplied by a weak combo system and enemies that either die after one hit or survive via cheap power moves and invulnerability. Worth a rental for raging fanboys, but you’ll be over it before the due date.

Lego Indiana Jones
(Lucas Arts)
Xbox 360

Yet another reason Raiders of the Lost Ark is actually the greatest movie ever made: Who’d want to play a Lego version of Citizen Kane? Sadly, this plasticized remake doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of its Star Wars-themed predecessors. Lego Indy and even Lego Short Round should be infinitely cooler than Lego Hayden Christensen, but the slow-moving, unaimable whip is no match for a light saber or blaster at your side. And the game’s button-mashing simplicity, infinite lives, and no-fuss drop-in multiplayer mode should be kiddy — and casual-gamer-friendly — but the finicky platforming and ambiguous puzzles make it all unnecessarily difficult. Still, it’s Indiana Jones building-blockified, and these problems will be only minor annoyances for anyone who’s voluntarily sat through Temple of Doom more than once.

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