Taking Back Sunday: Taking Back Sunday 

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Welcome to the rebirth of Taking Back Sunday. Guitarist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper have rejoined the band (they quit in 2003 to form indie rock outfit Straylight Run), marking a return to the original lineup that made Taking Back Sunday the poster boys of post-hardcore in 2002. After declaring themselves New Again with their last album (2009), this self-titled release has the potential to produce several summer anthems worth shouting, but not necessarily at the top of your lungs. Opener "El Paso" is an angst-driven feast that borders on melodic hardcore and pounds the line "You'll never get what you get, no" into your skull until you are thrashing back and forth. Fans pining for traces of the band's 2002 debut, Tell All Your Friends, will be rewarded with "Best Places To Be A Mom." Easily the best track on the album, it flows through your veins without apologizing for "bleeding on your shirt." Though many would likely prefer the same heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics that made the group famous, Taking Back Sunday stands firm here with simple, relatable words laced with harmonies that boldly declare, "Hey, we did grow up!"


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