Taste this: Pollo torta from El Tacomiendo taco truck 

I’ve been frequenting Artpace’s Taco Friday for over a year now, and I continually salivate over thoughts of the pollo torta from the El Tacomiendo taco truck, wo-manned by the lovely Alma Flores. The torta is about as big as my face (probably bigger, as I have a freakishly small head) and packed full of juicy, shredded chicken. They do not skimp on the avocado even a little, which smashes together perfectly with the mayo, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. Each bite is refreshing and satisfying. Relax in the shade of Artpace’s patio with friends and enjoy a Mexican soda. Flores’ torta will help summon an embracing Friday afternoon bliss.


El Tacomiendo Taco Truck

(210) 843-1735

Parked at Artpace, 445 N Main, from noon-2pm every Friday



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