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fullpage Body. Begins always at the very top of the document. It's very difficult to copy text from Microsoft Word to NVU, so you should always type your blog text in NVU, using it like a Wordprocessor.

The width of this template is a good approximation of the web site.

There should be one space between each paragraph.

In  HTML code, <br> means line-break. So, <br><br> is a space between paragraphs. Knowing this, you can solve minor spacing problems in Zwire Site manager.

Notice the tabs at the bottom.
"Normal" - where you do your writing.
"Source" - where you can see and edit the HTML code
"Preview" - useful for previewing, especially with embedded content (see b

You add links by highlighting the word, then clicking the Link icon above 
Either you know the link by heart (like Slate.com) or you need to copy it from your browser. Paste the text of the link into the field for "Link location." If it is an email address, like "Name" above, you will click "this is an email address." Easy enough?

Don't worry about using images with NVU. For the time being you should only Zwire Sitemanager to handle images. However, if you want to link from a site like Flickr or Myspace you may use the image button next to link. The "image location" should always be a web address

EMBEDDING (YouTube, Google Video, Myspace Video, Odeo, etc)
To embed YouTube (and others), you grab the "embed code" available on their web site. You selected the "Source" tab at the bottom, and paste the embedding code where you want the video to be. You can preview how it will look under the "Preview" tab, however you will not be able to see it in "Normal" mode where you can type and edit. It will look like an empty box.

Once you are done proofreading your post, you will choose the "Source" tab, then select-all, copy-all . You will post this page into "full page."

After the last paragraph there should be a final space, then a dash, your name, email-linked, aligned to the right side of the page. Make sure there is are NO SPACES below your name



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