That's a Wrap

I know there are a lot of hurt feelings going around, but I really ... I feel I have to come to this guy's aid. He was drunk. He didn't know what he was saying. It may be ill-advised, but I ... I want to officially add my voice to the small chorus of those who have already spoken, and say with the utmost conviction that, from what I have observed of the man, it isn't true. Gary Busey does not hate Swedish people. (Wow - I feel so much lighter now ...)

This week in Japanese-horror-remake news ... enter Pulse, a retread of Kiyoshi "no relation" Kurosawa's 2001 screamer Kairo- Now with More White People! Plot: Pretty college people realize that electronic devices have become a portal for less-pretty dead people to cross over and kill them. So far, we've had killer videocassettes, killer cell phones (2003's Chakushin Ari is being transmuted into next year's One Missed Call, with Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon), and now, across-the-board killer stuff-from-Sears. Lesson? Yay, Luddism!

Zoom, stars Tim Allen as retired superhero Captain Zoom, who's called back into service to run a school for superabled kids. Fun fact: Fox and Marvel Comics filed a lawsuit alleging Zoom's script was too similar to those of the XMen series, and would confuse viewers. What confuses this viewer is how someone managed to create something that looks like a less interesting version of 2005's Sky High.

Hey - how 'bout another dance movie? No, no, wait ... let me sell you ... How 'bout a dance movie starring a dancer and an ex-male-model? No, no, wait ... How 'bout if it's by a choreographer who's never directed a film? OK, OK, but what if it's about a loner/rebel/white hip-hop dancer with a checkered past who finds romance and validation through ballet? All right, but peep the tagline: "Every second chance begins with a first step." (Crap. Now I kinda wanna see it. Step Up opens Friday.)

Next: Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, wherein we learn of the tremendous courage and heroism shown, in our darkest hour, by Nicholas Cage.

Finally (and finally), The Heart of the Game makes it to the Bijou this weekend. The film documents more than a halfdecade in the company of a Seattle high school girls' basketball team. Initial indications (review, page 25) are that you should see it.

In summary: Yay, Luddism!

Local premiere dates for limitedrelease films are tentative and can change at the last minute. Please check your local theater listings to confirm showtimes.

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