The Acme Candidate Selectorama 2008 is here! 

Let's say -- totally hypothetically speaking, of course -- that you wanted to select a presidential candidate in Tuesday's primary based on something more than a vague desire for "change" or a preference for "experience." Something like, ah, issues, say. Well, the EU's here to help (And why not? The prime-minister model doesn't lend itself as easily to the distracting politics of personality) with a fun, 36-question quiz on gut-check topics ranging from gun control to terrorism/security to health care. At the end of the survey, a chart positions you on an economic and social axis (I thought perhaps I was getting more economically conservative in my late 30s, but nope, there I was in the lefty-left quadrant). According to my results, Barack Obama should be my candidate if I'm voting on issues, and Huckabee is policy anathema. You can also select individual issues in the results phase, in case you care more about the uninsured than the border. Thanks to the VU Amsterdam for creating this helpful gizmo -- via which they're no doubt compiling data about the impulsive,  erratic American voting public (they want as many respondents from Texas as possible) -- perhaps to make a case for kicking us out of the UN.

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