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Scab Salad

Labor Day is past. Sunburns, hangovers, and rug burns begin their slow disassembly.

Queque ditched city functions for an extended family bacchanal in Galveston. Buoyed by Country and Tejano beats, we stepped up to the shots but stowed our sarcasm as we tried drunkenly to remember which cousin it is that packs a pistol in his boot.

After a romantic red tide ushered us back to the interstate on Sunday, it was time for a quick turnabout on SA media coverage of this joyous holiday. We are reminded that, in large, San Antonians are still safe from the lecherous dues-sucking, economy-crashing, quasi-communistic labor unions. At least that’s the aftertaste a variety of “news” columns have left us peeling from our palettes upon reentry.

It’s only enhanced by the Labor Day press release from our über-business-friendly Attorney General.

“Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today marked the Labor Day weekend by reminding Texas workers that the state’s ‘right-to-work’ laws protect them from compulsory labor union membership,” it reads.

With 16 percent of us living in poverty in Tejas, 38 percent languishing as “low-income,” and available wages far below the national average, state workers take comfort in Abbott’s protection, I’m sure.

So, with Abbott guarding us from dirty unions, who is out fighting for worker’s rights, better wages, and health care? Oh, yeah, that would be the unions. Thanks, Greg.

Gun runners

So here’s a “what if,” for ya. Suppose the same critical eye that scours worker’s issues each Labor Day became a model for Memorial Day weekend news coverage.

What if the flag-waving and speechifying were not supplanted entirely, but forced to share the stage with healthy American debate.

What if we asked again, why Iraq? Why approaching 4,000 U.S. dead? Why hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead? Why Chalabi? Why Talabani? Why VA collapse and failures? Why no body armor or realistic protection from roadside bombs? What proof Iran? What diplomacy? What sense?

Think the advertisers – those making mint off the War Without End – would have a problem with that? With defense spending approaching the highest in U.S. history (Bush is requesting $647 billion in 2008), there is a lot to spread around.

Which brings us to last month’s military contracts.

From 15 bids, Valero Marketing and Supply Co. here in San Antonio nailed a $262.7 million contract with the Defense Department for fuel supplies and another for $29.2 million for jet fuel. Surely, that won’t affect the price at the pump.

Meanwhile, another SA co., Browning Construction, was tagged with a $12.6 million contract for the construction of four airbase camps at Lackland. We wish you were out fixing our highways, but happy building regardless.

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