Tommy guns 

Retired Air Force Major General Susan Pamerleau confirmed Monday that she is seeking the Republican nod to run against Precinct Four County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson. Adkisson’s previous opponent, Larry Click, a retired deputy sheriff who was uncontested in the Republican primary, died suddenly July 19. Pamerleau, who spent eight of her 15 years in the military in San Antonio, is also a former senior executive at USAA. “I chose to retire here,” she said. Eight months ago, she moved downtown and, she says, she loves it.

Ed Miles, Director of Community Projects for Bexar County DA Susan Reed, is also interested in taking on Adkisson. The choice will be made by the Precinct 4 Republican Precinct Chairs on August 14 — they could choose not to fill the empty slot, but Bexar County Republican Party Executive Director Marian Stanko indicated that’s unlikely.

If Pamerleau does get the nod, says one local political consultant, “I think that is a race. That is `Adkisson’s` worst-case scenario.” Adkisson, a 12-year incumbent, handily defeated former District 2 Council Member Sheila McNeil in the Democratic primary, despite polls that reportedly showed him to be vulnerable — and despite some business support that may now coalesce behind Pamerleau. Since then, Adkisson, a dedicated toll-road opponent who chairs the Metropolitan Planning Organization, has refused to hand over emails addressing the toll-road issue from his personal email account, incurring bad press in the process. Nonetheless, Adkisson reported contributions of $31,000 in his July 15 filing, and $67,000 on hand (he’d also spent $120,000; more on that next week, and on Miles, who called the QueQue after deadline).

In a follow-up phone message, Pamerleau said she’s talking to the 57 precinct chairs charged with making the decision to ask them if they will personally work to support their chosen candidate in November’s race. Sounds like a general on campaign.



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