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Where to Find 20 of San Antonio's Most Haunted Locations 

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It's only natural that a city rich with history would be home to a few — ok,  maybe more than a few — haunted places. Whether you're familiar with San Antonio's haunted past, or just getting acquainted with the spookys sights, here's where you can find 20 of the most haunted spots in the city
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Our Lady of the Lake University
Nearly every university has at least one scary tale. At OLLU, the spirit of a sneaky boy named Jack haunts Pacelli Hall, one of the dormitories, and takes things. The university is also said to be haunted by nuns.
Photo via Instagram, sandra_moss_grg
The Gunter Hotel
The legend of Room 636 is of a grisly murder from 1965. A man named Walter Emerick murdered a beautiful blonde woman in the room, soaking the bed with blood in the process. She’s never been identified, but is rumored to still haunt her final resting place. Emerick killed himself in the St. Anthony Hotel when police came to arrest him, which leads us too...
Photo via Instagram, stephenvoland
The St. Anthony Hotel
Guests and employees of the hotel say they see ghosts of a well-dressed couple riding the elevator and hear the haunting laughter of children in the garden.
Photo via Instagram, lovehomeleaveoften
Before it was Frank, it was the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater and the former Alamo Methodist Church, which was was built 75 years after the Battle of the Alamo. The former church is said to house the spirit of Margaret Gething. Gething was an actress at the time who lived a few blocks away from the building. Guests and performers claimed to see her spirit on the balcony from time to time.
Photo via Instagram, s.a.vortooth
University of the Incarnate Word
A former nun is said to haunt Dubuis Hall, one of the dorms for first-years at UIW. Students report being stalked or watched, and one girl claims her stuffed animals were all rearranged.
Photo via Instagram, fomascine
Mission Espada
The South Side monument is rich in history and tragedy. Volunteers and tourists report seeing shadowy historical figures such as American Indians, monks and conquistadors.
Photo via Instagram, fotosdeviajestotales
Victoria's Black Swan Inn
The Black Swan Inn was featured on the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures in 2013. It was built in 1867 on the site of the 1842 Battle of Salado (people need to stop building houses over dead battlefields and burial grounds), and has been home to many prestigious people in San Antonio. People who are brave enough can actually stay the night or take part in their haunted Friday night tours.
Photo via Instagram, cavie2002
Milam Park
Built on the site of an 18th-century cemetery, the ghosts of the interred are said to haunt this site. Legend has it that although the headstones for the park were removed, the graves remain.
Photo via Instagram, gloriaseyesontxphotography
The Donkey Lady Bridge
Some say she’s the product of a fire that left her horribly disfigured, others say that she was a donkey herder drowned by angry men. Now like a spinster at a Halloween party, she stalks those who stay on Donkey Lady Bridge, located off of Applewhite Road on the south side.
Photo via Instagram, onelovephotogsatx
Menger Hotel
Known as "The Most Haunted Hotel in Texas," the Menger supposedly hosts numerous spirits, including a murdered employee.
Photo via Instagram, barry_buck
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Huebner-Onion Homestead
The story goes that an Joseph Huebner, an Austrian blacksmith who built the home, died from drinking kerosene instead of liquor in the late 1800s. His ghost now haunts the building, creaking up and down the stairs and filling the air with peculiar clicking noises.
Photo via Wikipedia Commons
Woman Hollering Creek
Located on the far East Side near exit 591 of I-10, the creek is likely named for la Llorona: the legendary weeping woman who cries for her drowned child. La Llorona haunted the area after her death, wailing over the loss of her little one. exploretexasblog
San Antonio Insane Asylum
Ghost hunt at your own risk here — it’s illegal to trespass at the now-shuttered San Antonio Insane Asylum. Located near the far southeast corner of the city, shadowy figures are said to lurk in the second-story windows. Photo via Instagram, studiofifteen15
The Emily Morgan Hotel
This hotel takes its name from Emily West, also known as Emily D. Morgan, who, according to legend, helped end the Texas Revolution. Whether the hauntings are by the spirits of those who fought at the Battle of the Alamo or the numerous patients treated there when it was a hospital is ultimately unknown.
Willow Run Apartments
Formerly a motel, the complex was once known as Caribbean Apartments, and is located near the intersection of Jackson Keller Road and Oblate Drive. Residents report hearing strange thumps in the night, toilets flushing on their own and lights turning off and on by themselves.
Haunted Railroad Tracks
Located at Shane and Villamain Roads, this railroad has drawn attention from various mystery shows and curiosity seekers. The unfortunate souls of a tragic school bus accident at the railroad now “help” those whose vehicles stall out on the tracks.
Grey Moss Inn
Original owner Mary Howell’s presence can still be felt 30 years after her death in this Helotes establishment. Staff members says they still smell her familiar rose-scented perfume. That accompanies the usual bevy of unexplained door slamming and object moving that comes with ghostly territory.
Institute of Texan Cultures
Rumor has it that past employees haunt the massive museum. Cold spots are supposedly common, and some workers say they can smell the pipe smoke of founding director R. Henderson Shuffler.
Kindred Elementary
The story goes that a plane crashed in a field near the school. People report restroom sinks turning on by themselves and disembodied voices that can be heard when you walk on the field.
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The Alamo
You didn't think we'd leave at the Alamo, did you? With more than 100 Texian deaths and almost five times as many Mexican ones, the Alamo is rife with ghost stories.
Photo via Instagram, artemis13_2000
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Our Lady of the Lake University
Nearly every university has at least one scary tale. At OLLU, the spirit of a sneaky boy named Jack haunts Pacelli Hall, one of the dormitories, and takes things. The university is also said to be haunted by nuns.
Photo via Instagram, sandra_moss_grg


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