Where We Get Our Pets: an informal poll 

I admit, I have animal brain. No, it's not like rabies, it's just, I have animals ... on the brain. All. The. Time. Since finishing my first long piece on animal care issues in San Antonio, I can't get away from the topic if I tried. Like this Sunday, the day after I finished my story, I'm at a bar and someone walks in with a box of free kittens. Then I go to a potluck dinner and everyone talks about how Wishbone was an excellent TV program. Last night, I decide to start reading a new book and pick up The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, a novel about people who breed dogs. Not to mention every night I go home to my adopted stray lion/cat Lil' Homie. When will it end?

Of course, my personal facebook page reflects this growing obsession too. I took a very unscientific poll of my SA friends and where they got their pets. Their choices were:

a) breeder/pet store, b) shelter/rescue/City c) stray off the street or part of friend/family pet litter?

Many of the 28 respondents had multiple pets from multiple sources, but MOST, I'm talking 26 of 28, got at least one pet from the C category. Shelters came in second, and all but one shelter-adopter also had a pet from the C category. Only three people got their dogs from breeders. NO ONE reported getting a pet from a pet store. What does this tell us? Well, we have a lot of strays out there right now, and more than a few big-hearted SA-based facebook users. And nobody likes pet stores anymore.

Feel free to give me your own answers and stories in the comment section.



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