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White Reaper 

When: Wed., Dec. 9 2015
Rock 'n’ roll has all been done before; not that White Reaper gives much of a shit about that. The four-piece pilfers from classic punk with abandon, barely bothering to cover their tracks when lifting “whoa-oh” choruses right from the Ramones or plucking the power-punk attack of The Buzzcocks (or perhaps Ty Segall) right out of their playbook. But like most great omnivorous bands, the trick lies in pulling less obvious influences. Check the Television-inspired interlocking guitar trade-offs that close “Ohh (Yeah),” or the way Ryan Hater’s organ summons the ghosts of ’60s garage rock past. Most importantly, White Reaper has learned early on from all the great anthem writers: The best punk songs are at their core bubblegum pop, just soaked in distortion and cheap beer. In that, the band’s newly released full-length White Reaper Does It Again is true to its title, never privileging speed, lyrics or any such distraction over pure hooks. After spending the last year on the road, the boys have started to hit their stride as a live band, a trend that should continue upward considering the band’s talent at every position. With Us Weekly, Junkie and Loafers.


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