20 useless facts about San Antonio you can use to impress out-of-towners

When playing tour guide for visiting friends and family, there's plenty of culture and history in San Antonio to draw from. But…

By San Antonio Current Staff

San Antonio is home to the oldest church in Texas — the San Fernando Cathedral. Facing downtown’s Main Plaza, this structure built between 1738 and 1750 was considered the city’s geographical and cultural center. In addition to being the oldest continuously functioning place of worship in San Antonio, it’s also one of the nation’s oldest cathedrals. 
Photo courtesy of UTSA Libraries Digital Collections
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The 25 most beautiful places in San Antonio

You know it, and we know it — San Antonio is a beautiful city. Whether you're interested in historic landmarks, swanky eateries…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Denman Estate Park
7735 Mockingbird Ln, sanantonio.gov
Denman Estate Park features a traditional South Korean pavilion, styled similarly to the Gwangju Democracy Bell in South Korea. Gwangju, South Korea and San Antonio, you may be surprised to learn, are sister cities. Denman Estate Park is a beautiful place to visit, not only for the pavilion, but for the pond and garden as well. 
Photo via Instagram / rebekahsantoyo
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Where to find San Antonio's coolest murals and outdoor public art

You don't have to go to a museum to get your fill of art in San Antonio. The city is rich in…

By San Antonio Current Staff

And yet, we bloom
Corner of E. Houston and Navarro streets
Artist: Kat Cadena
This work by artist Kat Cadena was voted Best Mural in the Current's 2020 Best of San Antonio Issue.
Photo via Instagram / kat.cadena
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These Vintage Postcards Show How Much San Antonio Changed Over the Past Century

San Antonio's long been obsessed with how others see us — after all, we're a tourist town. And how we presented ourselves…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Sunset Station, 1902-5
The facade of the historic Sunset Station when it was a stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad network.
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A Photographer Took Eerie Shots of Deserted San Antonio Landmarks Before the Coronavirus Lockdown. Let's Take a Look.

Shortly before San Antonio's shelter-in-place order went into effect, local photographer Aimee Wyatt — who runs the Scenes of Texas website —toured downtown landmarks…

By Sanford Nowlin

A Photographer Took Eerie Shots of Deserted San Antonio Landmarks Before the Coronavirus Lockdown. Let's Take a Look.
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25 Instagram Locations That Prove You’ve Seen San Antonio

You can achieve the perfect Instagram post with snapping a shot in front of these colorful and cool locations in San Antonio.…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Chisme Wall
    2403 N. St. Mary's 
    Know the latest chisme? Save it so you can take the perfect picture in front of this iconic mural. 
    Photo via Instagram 
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