Showing: 10 San Antonio Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram  

10 San Antonio Tattoo Artists You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

It's no secret that the San Antonio tattoo scene has been growing faster now than ever before. With tons of skilled craftsmen…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Justin Martinez, @00justinm00
    Element Tattoo Studios, 4741 Fredericksburg Rd., (210) 979-9877
    Love for permanent flesh art started early for Justin Martinez. In the late '70s, his mom would take him with her to visit some shops down in Corpus Christi. He’d eventually hang out in those same shops with his uncles after a day at the beach. Since then, he’s come into his own as a tattoo artist. When it comes to quality craftsmanship, Justin Martinez has got it inked down. His variant line weights lend an illustrative quality to his designs, which help convey a pointed element of expression to his work. 
    Photo via Instagram, 00justinm00
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