28 underrated date ideas to try in San Antonio

If your usual date-night plans feel as tired as the phrase "Netflix and chill," don't worry, we've got your back. Ahead of…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Catch a free movie screening courtesy of Slab Cinema
Multiple locations, slabcinema.com
While you can catch a free movie from various venues and organizations, the traveling outdoor screen from Slab Cinema is definitely the most reliable, often and super fun at that. Slab Cinema's various offerings around town cover everything form recent blockbusters to arthouse classics, so no matter your tastes you’re bound to have a blast. Don’t forget the blankets or lawn chairs for ultimate comfort.
Photo via Instagram / slabcinema
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22 fall date ideas in San Antonio that are actually good

You don't have to wait for the winter holidays to go on super-cute dates. Between the cooling temperatures, many autumn festivals and…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Hit up some Halloween parties
If y’all are one of those couples that waits all year for Halloween, you better make all the Halloween happenings part of your date night plans. From drinking events to costume contests and something tailoring to pretty much every aspect of the eerie holiday, there’s something for everyone.
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Absolutely accurate tweets that prove everyone in San Antonio knows each other

San Antonio may not be a small town, but it sure feels like one. Seems like we're constantly running into someone we…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Absolutely accurate tweets that prove everyone in San Antonio knows each other
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The Most Underrated Date Ideas to Try in San Antonio

Whether you're single and dating around or in a committed relationship, you'll be wise to check out these underrated date ideas that…

By San Antonio Current Staff, Gabriella Pawelek

Come up with a synchronized routine at The Rollercade
223 Recoleta Road, (210) 826-6361, therollercade.com
Or you can just do your best. For a lot of people, even dancing while rolling is a little advanced. That part is cute and all, and coming up with a matching routine is super dorky but also kind of badass if you can pull it off. The real magic, though, is clinging to each other for the first half hour while you remember how to skate. After getting those pheromones circulating and holding onto each other in a not-romantic-at-all sweaty embrace, what you make of the night is up to you, which might include taking your dance to the sheets...ahem, streets.
Photo via Instagram / patrick_e
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Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Dating in San Antonio

If you're single and dating in the Alamo City, then you already know that it's not fun. Don't worry, you're not alone…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Dating in San Antonio
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20 Fall Date Ideas in San Antonio That Are Actually Good

Lots of folks look forward to fall – whether it's because of the spooky happenings or seasonal treats like PSLs. Wherever you…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Have a photoshoot in a pumpkin patch
Say cheese, babies.
You may cringe at the constant pumpkin photos in your Instagram feed, but you won’t roll your eyes at the opportunity to have a cute, fun photoshoot with your favorite piece of eye candy. Ask a friend (*cough* third wheel *cough*) to tag along to be your photographer for the day, or just bug someone nearby for a few photos..
Photo via Instagram / biancacelene
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Take a hike through the Japanese Tea Garden.
    Find out if your date is a total klutz as you trek along the steep bridges and stony walkways of Japanese Tea Garden – or Sunken Gardens – in Brackenridge Park. 
    San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden, 3875 N St Mary's St., (210) 207-3050, sanantonio.gov/ParksAndRec. 
    Photo via Flickr (Drew Kolb)
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