The 27 best places in San Antonio to eat when you're alone

There's something to be said for enjoying a high-quality meal while basking in your own company. While San Antonio operates with a…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Niki’s Tokyo Inn
819 W Hildebrand Ave, (210) 736-5471,
Incredibly authentic with tatami-style seating, Niki’s Tokyo Inn is a solid choice for genuine Japanese eats. Whether you take a seat on the floor or grab a stool at the bar, you can enjoy freshly-made sushi and other classic Japanese dishes all by your lonesome.
Photo via Instagram / mrs.a_w15
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20 Places Where You Can Fuel Up Late at Night

Whether you’re a night owl any day of the week or are in search of good eating during your late night excursions on…

By San Antonio Current Staff

The Hoppy Monk
    1010 N. Loop 1604 E., (210) 545-3330,
    They’re raising the bar in the pub food game. Taste for yourself. Open until 12 a.m. Sunday and Monday, 1 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 a.m. Thursday-Saturday.
    Photo via Instagram, vinylscratchhh
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Where to Go for the Perfect Lunch Date in San Antonio

Whether you're in a budding romance or you've been with your significant other for several years, the lunch date can be a simple…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Liberty Bar
    1111 S. Alamo St., (210) 227-1187,
    Although Liberty Bar made the horrendous mistake of abandoning their original location of perfection on Josephine all those years ago, their new home, set in a previously abandoned religious convent in Southtown was a strategic one that paid off. What’s good on the menu? Aside from “everything,” zero in on the following: goat cheese with piloncillo sauce, pot roast sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, fettuccini with oil, garlic (and add chicken). And finish with an espresso and the Minerva’s pineapple coconut cake. 
    Photo by Jason Risner via Instagram, libertybarsa
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20 Ways to Brunch in San Antonio

Brunch. Love it, hate it, not-sober-enough-for-it, the most important meal of the weekend is also an SA mainstay. From classic dishes to…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Las Canarias
    112 College, (210) 518-1063,
    Choose dishes from the griddle or feast on breakfast menu classics. There's no going wrong at Las Canarias.
    Photo via Instagram, agwarren86
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28 San Antonio Valentine's Day Ideas For You And Your Boo

Here's the breakdown for what's in store for next Valentine's Day weekend. Make those reservations ASAP!

By San Antonio Current Staff

Bakery Loraine 
    306 Pearl Pkwy. #110, (210) 862-5582,
    Bakery Lorraine will offer a variety of mouthwatering desserts, including lavender shortbread hearts, strawberry maracon tuxedos, raspberry rose japonaise, chocolate tart mexique, and mahal, a sharing tart for 2 people. Bakery Lorraine will also offer a special Valentine’s Day macaron pack featuring raspberry, passion fruit, and chocolate. 
    Photo via Instagram (bakery_loraine)
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The 25 San Antonio dishes you should eat before you die

We've compiled a list of amazing dishes in Alamo City to help aspiring foodies lost on where to start. From crudité to…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Tonkotsu from Kimura 
    Kimura gained local attention for its ramen creations, to the credit of chef Michael Sohocki of Restaurant Gwendolyn. The tonkotsu noodles in pork bone broth are a good place to start. 
    Kimura, 152 E. Pecan St. #102, (210) 444-0702, 
    Photo via Facebook (Elias Popa?)
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25 San Antonio restaurants you might not know about but should

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    Beto’s often gets lumped in to the Tex-Mex category, but it’s really more of a Latin restaurant, with complex flavors, plenty of citrus notes and lighter fare overall. The menu is split into four categories–tacos, empanadas, quesadillas and burgers.
    8142 Broadway St., (210) 930-9393
    Photo via Facebook (Beto's Alt Mex)
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