25 signs you're too puro San Antonio for your own good

San Antonians have well-documented quirks when it comes to the food, culture, music and entertainment we love. When we're all-in for that…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Your craving for Lucas is so uncontrollable you've actually snorted lines of it. 
Photo by Sanford Nowlin
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The 25 weirdest attractions in San Antonio that are worth visiting

San Antonio has plenty of sights to see, from historic landmarks to museums to tourist traps — and then there's a bunch…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Giant Stag Made of Junk, Converse, TX
4203 Loring Park, Converse
Built from various rusted metal parts — fenders and typewriters included — this Florentino Narcis creation stands 40 feet tall in the midst of a neighborhood in Converse.
Photo via Instagram /  pauseforadventure
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The 25 unwritten rules of San Antonio

San Antonio's a city with its own attitude and its own culture. And San Antonians — at least the ones who stick…

By San Antonio Current Staff

It's acceptable to refer to any place that serves cold beer as an "ice house."
Photo via Instagram / tonyssiesta
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22 fall date ideas in San Antonio that are actually good

You don't have to wait for the winter holidays to go on super-cute dates. Between the cooling temperatures, many autumn festivals and…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Hit up some Halloween parties
If y’all are one of those couples that waits all year for Halloween, you better make all the Halloween happenings part of your date night plans. From drinking events to costume contests and something tailoring to pretty much every aspect of the eerie holiday, there’s something for everyone.
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San Antonio's creepiest haunted spots and urban legends

San Antonio loves spooky shit, and we love it too. From the Alamo City's most notorious urban legends to its many spooky…

By San Antonio Current Staff

San Pedro Springs Park
San Pedro Springs is the second oldest park in the U.S. — how could it not be haunted? There have been reports of park visitors hearing children’s voices and laughter even when there’s no one else in the park. Adult ghosts are one thing, but kids? Shudder.
Photo via Instagram / mixmaster_mo
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20 fun alternatives to trick or treating in San Antonio this Halloween

Who doesn't love Halloween in San Antonio? There are tons of ways to scare up fun as the cooler weather sets in.…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Go All Out on Halloween Decor
The 12-foot-tall Home Depot skeleton may be out of stock, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find another way to dial up the spookiness to 11 at home.
Photo by NeONBRAND via Unsplash
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The 20 Creepiest San Antonio Urban Legends

San Antonio loves creepy stuff. Plain and simple. So, in an effort to fulfill the need for scariness in your life, we…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Guests aren’t the only ones staying at the Menger Hotel
There are ghost sightings aplenty over at the Menger. They occur so often that many of them have names. There’s Sallie White, a chambermaid in the 1870s who was shot by her husband because he thought she was being unfaithful. She’s been seen wearing a uniform and apron, holding fresh towels in her hands. There’s also Capt. Richard King, who founded the famous King Ranch. He died at the Menger and has been seen wearing a bolo tie and black hat in the King Suite. The elevator next to the suite regularly stops there even without being punched.
Photo via Instagram / i.got.his.six_tx
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20 Things Every San Antonian Needs To Do This Fall

Shoutout to fall for coming through so we don’t sweat every time we leave the house! Celebrate the best way you know…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Explore one of the small towns surrounding San Antonio
Multiple locations
Venture out to Floresville for the town’s peanut festival or maybe out to Devine for a festival dedicated entirely to avocado. Whether you go out for the fair food or just to explore the town square, a day in a quaint town will be the perfect way to unwind and relax.
Photo via Instagram, mayra_r95
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