24 San Antonio-area parks and greenways perfect for hiking and biking

There's nothing more refreshing than a jaunt outdoors. Whether you're seeking a rugged hike, a mountain bike adventure or just want to take…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Mission Reach
Mission Reach is a popular destination for kayakers, pedestrians and bikers alike. Because a lot of the trail is located a fair distance from the road, it’s a good place for people who aren’t experienced with riding near or on the street, and it's plenty walkable, too. The route is more scenic than challenging anyway, so if you’re into rough and tough terrain and heart-pumping inclines on an isolated path in nature, Mission Reach probably isn’t for you. If you’re into paved paths and mostly gentle slopes with a beautiful view of the historic missions, you’ll love the Mission Reach.
Photo via Instagram / timd_satx
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25 hidden gem parks in San Antonio everyone should visit

When it comes to parks, San Antonio has more to offer than San Pedro Springs, Brackenridge and Phil Hardberger. Indeed, the city…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Crownridge Canyon Park
7222 Luskey Blvd, (210) 207-5320, sanantonio.gov
If tranquil parks are your thing, you’ll be living your best life at Crownridge Canyon. This open space features paved and natural walking trails, but also desert-like scenery if you can believe it. Come and experience this wonder for yourself.
Photo via Instagram / rob41380
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The best places in San Antonio to take out-of-towners that aren't the Alamo

Everybody knows about the Alamo and the River Walk, but San Antonio has much more to offer beyond its two most famous…

By San Antonio Current Staff

McNay Art Museum
6000 N. New Braunfels Ave., (210) 824-5368, mcnayart.org
The McNay, opened in 1954 in Marion Koogler McNay’s sprawling Spanish Colonial Revival mansion, proudly presents itself as “the first museum of modern art in Texas.” Greatly expanded in 2008 with the addition of the sleek, 45,000-square-foot Jane and Arthur Stieren Center for Exhibitions, the museum complements its impressive permanent collection of Post-Impressionist paintings, medieval and Renaissance treasures, modernist outdoor sculpture, Southwestern folk art and contemporary Latino prints with both touring and homegrown exhibitions.
Photo by in.her.heart.were.mangroves via Instagram / mcnayart
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25 Texas parks to see fall colors that are worth a road trip from San Antonio

"Texas" and "fall colors," in the same sentence? Yeah, we know, it sounds hard to believe. While we typically don't get the…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Lost Maples State Natural Area
37221 FM 187, Vanderpool, (830) 966-3413, tpwd.texas.gov
If you’re a sucker for fall foliage, Lost Maples is a must-visit – especially if you don’t want to go too far from home. This natural area is perfect for hiking, so grab your camera and let the views here take your breath away.
Photo via Instagram / lady_daphne_usvc
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22 fall date ideas in San Antonio that are actually good

You don't have to wait for the winter holidays to go on super-cute dates. Between the cooling temperatures, many autumn festivals and…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Hit up some Halloween parties
If y’all are one of those couples that waits all year for Halloween, you better make all the Halloween happenings part of your date night plans. From drinking events to costume contests and something tailoring to pretty much every aspect of the eerie holiday, there’s something for everyone.
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25 beautiful San Antonio-area parks to visit this fall

As longtime Texans, we know better than to declare that the hot days are over for the year, but it's looking like…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Crownridge Canyon Natural Area
7222 Luskey Blvd, (210) 207-5320, fosana.org
Crownridge Canyon has around 200 acres and has a variety of hiking terrain — from level 1 ADA-accessible trails all the way up to level 4 difficulties. If you’re into birding, it’s also a pretty cool spot since the golden cheeked warbler nests there.
Photo via Instagram / heathertakesontexas
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23 gorgeous state parks within driving distance of San Antonio

What better time than now to hop in the car and travel to one of Texas' many state parks to enjoy the…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Lockhart State Park
2012 State Park Rd, (512) 398-3479, tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/lockhart
Just a day trip from both Austin and San Antonio, a unique feature of this park is its historic golf course. It has the other classic amenities, too, like fishing, summer swimming and camping.
Photo via Instagram / eigi_einhamir
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22 beautiful places to hike and bike in and around San Antonio

There's no better way to enjoy beautiful weather than by hitting the trails, so we rounded up some of the most gorgeous…

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Olmos Basin Greenway
The Olmos Basin Greenway Trail runs between Jones-Maltsberger Road and Devine Road and is about a mile or so long. Because of the mature trees in Olmos Basin Park, the greenway trails are almost entirely shaded, offering relief from the hot Texas sun on sweltering days. If you decide to go during the summer, or let’s be real, any other season in Texas, the shade doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be cool. Luckily, it runs along Olmos Creek.
Photo via Instagram / cmcpuma
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All the people we saw in San Antonio celebrating the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris win

San Antonio supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris hit the streets Saturday afternoon to celebrate…

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All the people was saw in San Antonio celebrating the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris win
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20 bucket list activities to do in San Antonio before summer is over

Summer is here. It's time to enjoy the warm weather and the kids being free from school. Check out this bucket list…

By San Antonio Current Staff

See an Outdoor Movie
Seeing a flick through the windshield of your car or in a socially distanced outdoor space is a great way to lose yourself for a couple of hours. Look for the offerings at Fiesta Texas and those from Slab Cinema, or work a road trip into the deal and head to the Stars & Stripes Drive-In in New Braunfels. 
Photo Courtesy of Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater
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20 hidden gem parks in San Antonio you should visit

While everyone knows popular spots like San Pedro Springs Park, Phil Hardberger Park and Brackenridge Park, there are quite a few public…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Martin Luther King Park
3503 Martin Luther King Dr, (210) 207-7275, sanantonio.gov
If the only time you’ve hit up the city park is when taking part in the MLK Jr. March in January, consider paying this East Side park a visit any other time of the year. The park is decently-sized, bringing residents a seasonal outdoor pool, sports facilities, picnic areas as well as lots of room to run around.
Photo via Instagram / everlastingbliss__
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30 Vintage Photos of San Antonio's Beautiful Parks

Check out these vintage photos – some of which were taken before your grandparents were even born – and try having a…

By San Antonio Current Staff, Gabriella Pawelek

Automobile in San Antonio River in Roosevelt Park, circa 1927
In a time before cell phones, imagine coming home soaking wet to your spouse and having to explain that you drove the car into the river – but that’s not what happened at all. He’s actually washing it.
Photo via General Photograph Collection
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The 20 Best Spots for Stargazing Near San Antonio

Whether it’s on a weekend camping trip just for the sake of pointing out the Big Dipper in the night’s sky, stargazing…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Fort McKavett Historic Site
    7066 FM 864, Fort McKavett, thc.texas.gov/historic-sites/fort-mckavett-state-historic-site
    If you’re a history buff and astronomy lover, Fort McKavett is almost too good to be true. Tour the 150-year-old remains during daylight, then be in awe of the wonders of the night sky for the perfect daytrip.
    Photo via Instagram, jasonweingart
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15 Field Trips Every San Antonian Should Revisit as an Adult

Remember when field trips were the most anticipated days of the school year? A break from the classroom, from your teacher, from your…

By San Antonio Current Staff

Institute of Texan Culture
    801 E César E. Chávez Blvd., (210) 458-2300,  texancultures.com
    Celebrate the many cultures of Texas and gain some new perspective on life in the Lone Star State.Photo via Instagram, 
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The 29 Best Dog-Friendly Hangouts in San Antonio

San Antonio boasts a ton of dog-friendly destinations that will certainly entertain both you and your four-legged friend. Here are just a…

By San Antonio Current Staff

The Hangar 
    8203 Broadway, (210) 824-2700, thehangarsa.com
    Enjoy a cold beer while hanging out with your loyal friend at the Hangar's dog park. 
    Photo via Instagram (see_a_penny_bulldog)
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