Here's how much some of the smallest homes on the market in San Antonio will cost you right now

With everyone spending more time at home during the pandemic, you'd figure folks would be looking for more square footage, not less.…

By San Antonio Current Staff

548 Leigh St.
65 slides

Five cute tiny houses for sale right now in San Antonio

Tiny house living may not be for everybody, but the interest in downsized dwellings certainly doesn't appear to be losing steam. The big…

By San Antonio Current Staff

606 Potomac
57 slides

10 cool and cozy tiny houses for sale in the San Antonio area right now

Some of us just aren't eager to move into a McMansion. We'd rather downsize, cut the clutter and lead a simpler life…

By San Antonio Current Staff

746 Funston Ave.
97 slides

9 Stylish Tiny Houses for Sale in San Antonio Right Now

Big doesn't necessarily mean homey. That's the key argument made by the Tiny House Movement — you know, those folks who aim…

By San Antonio Current Staff

123 W Lambert St.
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