Best Prostate Pills: Top Men’s Prostate Health Supplements

Prostate health supplements have become rather popular amongst older men to protect themselves and manage the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Each of these supplements has different benefits, helping to improve energy levels or reduce the number of times the men must urinate.

At least half of all men struggle with an enlarged prostate after age 50, making it so common that it has become a typical part of the aging process. Prostate help supplements can help with this problem, but it is difficult to navigate the broad landscape of these formulas without a little help.

In this list, consumers will find a compilation of the top supplements on the market today for prostate health.

Reviewing the Best Prostate Supplements

The formulas found on this list have been selected with multiple considerations in mind. The following ten supplements are what this guide has narrowed down as the top choices in the market today.

●      VitalFlow Prostate Supplement

●      ProstaStream

●      1MD Prostate MD

●      Prostate 911

●      Nuzena Prostate Support

●      Prostate Plus

●      Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men

●      VigRX Prostate Support

●      Prostate Freedom Formula

●      Prostacet

Let's take a look at what each one can do for older men.


VitalFlow uses many healthy ingredients with natural sources as an overall supplement for men's health, rather than just prioritizing the health of the prostate. The ingredients included are almost exactly like what users can find in Prostate 911 and ProstaStream, which are found later on in the list. Vital Flow includes the use of saw palmetto extract, though there are many other star players as well. While this formula includes extracts from plants, herbs, and mushrooms, the reason this formula truly stands out is the use of a proprietary blend.

Proprietary blends are difficult to find the effectiveness of, primarily because they do not include the amounts of any of the ingredients found in it. Still, the ingredient profile is enough to show that this formula likely has an incredible effect. The blend includes quercetin, cat’s claw, tomato fruit powder, pygeum africanum bark, natural green tea powder, broccoli leaf extract, plant sterol complex, copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin B6.

This formula is rather expensive at $70, which is about the same price as that of similar products on this list. The creators of this product tested dozens of ingredients before coming to their conclusion to use the ones above, and it has quickly become one of the most popular options for individuals with bladder issues and an enlarged prostate.

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ProstaStream also boasts a $70 price tag, which makes sense when consumers consider how similar it is to the formula above. The remedy is meant to be a support for healthy prostate as well as men's health as the body ages. They also claim to have tested over 100 ingredients before deciding on their prostate formulation.

While users will find mushroom extract and saw palmetto berries as part of the formula, they are newly introduced to the use of Graviola leaf. The combination of these ingredients reduces inflammation that occurs in the prostate with BPH. The website includes many testimonials from customers to help it earn a higher spot on this list than other formulas with similar recipes.

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1MD ProstateMD

1MD ProstateMD is advertised as a “comprehensive prostate support” formula, using a patented type of saw palmetto extract called USPlus. This patented ingredient uses much higher concentrations of beta carotene (3x), lutein (10x), and zeaxanthin (30x) than what consumers typically find in this extract, which they claim will make it more effective than other products.

The main benefit that this formula offers is that it can improve prostate health, which is combined with the healthy growth of prostate cells and improvements in the function of the urinary tract. Essentially, it reduces the constant need to urinate, but this is just one of the many benefits that it claims to offer.

Along with the use of the patented extract, consumers will also find pumpkin seed oil, safflower oil, pine bark extract, and other ingredients. However, the amount of each one is clearly stated to enable easy comparison to other products to gauge how much the user receives.

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Prostate 911

Prostate 911 has already been mentioned earlier in this guide, matching the ingredient profiles of both Prostate Plus and Nuzena Prostate Support. With many vitamins and minerals (along with herbs and extracts of plants), users will find a total of 200 mg for saw palmetto extract. As similar as this formula is to the aforementioned remedies, it stands out by offering a major concentration of plant sterol complex (300 mg) that the other products do not. The other products only include 50 mg of plant sterol complex.

Consumers may still be a little hesitant to purchase this product with the $70 price per bottle, making it one of the more expensive products on this list. However, the impressive concentrations and the positive reputation of the brand (PhytAge Laboratories) may sway consumers to invest a little more.

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Nuzena Prostate Support

Nuzena Prostate Support brings consumers a similar ingredient profile to the ones above, using the popular saw palmetto extract, as well as pygeum and other ingredients. For individuals that don't want to have to spend a ton of money on their prostate supplement, this one may be a good match – it only costs $35 for a one-month supply.

Don't be fooled by the lower price because this formula includes many ingredients that are effective in supporting the health of the prostate. With zinc, plant sterols, selenium, and copper as well, consumers will also find multiple plant extracts and herbal extracts to further support the healing of the prostate.

The ingredients in Nuzena Prostate Support aren’t quite as strong or potent, but they helped tackle prostate health in multiple ways, and the brand is honest about their dosage.

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Prostate Plus

VitaPost Prostate Plus focuses primarily on improving urinary flow, though it offers support to the prostate as well. The formula is very similar to what consumers find in Nuzena Prostate Support since both of the remedies contain relatively close amounts of saw palmetto extract, copper, zinc, and selenium. Both products offer herbal extracts, plant extracts, and mushroom extracts, along with a similar ingredient list for their proprietary blends. However, it is impossible to say if their proprietary blends have the same concentrations of these ingredients since this information is not disclosed with such a blend.

Primarily, this formula stands out because of the price tag. It only costs $29.00 for a single bottle, which is enough to get the customer through an entire month of use. Still, it doesn't have quite the high ranking as Nuzena Prostate Support.

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Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men

Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men comes from a company with quite an impressive reputation. Run by Dr. Gundry himself, users will find lycopene, nettle root extract, and saw palmetto extract as a way to support the prostate. Much like other supplements from this brand, every ingredient is backed by scientific evidence, though it is a much less costly product than most of the others here.

The formula only contains a total of five ingredients, which are meant to also support low energy, trigger improvements in muscle mass, and help with other common issues that impact men as they get older. The capsule adds in vitamin B6 and zinc, though it also has a proprietary blend that may be difficult to determine the concentrations. While the other remedies on this list are clear about how much saw palmetto is found in their concoctions, the same is not true of Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men.

Right now, the Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men prostate supplement is not in stock, but another one worthy of strong consideration is the Advanced BioNutritionals Prostate Formula.

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VigRX Prostate Support

VigRX Prostate Support is a standard support supplement for the prostate, helping with many of the same benefits as other products on the list – better urination control and emptying. It promotes the improved function of the prostate with ingredients like stinging nettle, saw palmetto, pygeum, and beta-sitosterol.

The reason that this product stands out so well it's due to the incredibly strong dosages of the ingredients, exceeding most of the supplements on this list. Plus, it has a budget-friendly price: $45.95.

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Prostate Freedom Formula

Prostate Freedom Formula has many claims of helpful benefits for the prostate, using ingredients like broccoli, stinging nettle, saw palmetto extract, pygeum, and zinc. However, there are quite a few reasons why it did not rank higher on the list, starting with the name that seems almost silly. However, the prostate formula doesn't simply rank lower because of a silly name. One of the big claims that this formula makes is that it is presently an unknown product as the result of an attack from Big Pharma. They also named the same culprit as the reason that there are still many men that experience prostate problems.

The marketing for this product is rather strange and takes on a much more optimistic tone than the other products, making claims of being able to urinate in the way that the user did when they were a young adult. They also claimed that users will “be a tiger” in their sexual adventures.

Even with these employees, the ratio of the price to the low concentrations of the ingredients is part of the reason that it is not higher on the list. Users will have to pay $70.00 for one bottle of this product, and the website is not as user friendly or easily understood as other formulas on the list.

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Prostacet aims to be a natural formula for improved urination, improved prostate health, and improved bladder health. The main ingredients that are found in this remedy are saw palmetto, lycopene extract, corn silk, and cranberry powder. However, the company compares itself to some lesser-known products on the website to showcase their use of beta-carotene, echinacea, selenium, zinc, and cayenne pepper, which the other products don't have. The website avoids some of the better remedies on the market today, which consistently have these ingredients included.

The formula still makes the list for the use of a soft-gel capsule, which is easy for the user to digest and break down in the stomach. The brand claims to have already sold over five million bottles, adding that it is a “national best-seller,” though the lack of concentration of each of these ingredients doesn’t allow it to rank as high here.

The reason that Prostacet is at the bottom of this list is primarily the pricing. The website offers a “risk free bottle,” meaning that users are protected with a return policy. Users have their choice of a subscription plan for $47.95 per month or a multi-pack for as low as $29.97 per bottle. However, to get this low price, users must purchase a five-bottle package for $149.85 total.

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How the Rankings Were Determined

There were many considerations for the way they work and where they come from. Here are the factors that either earned the supplement a place on the list or kicked it off.

Ingredients with scientific support. Saw palmetto extract, zinc, selenium, stinging nettle, and plant sterols all have shown different ways of promoting better prostate health in scientific studies. Supplements that earn a spot on this list tend to have ingredients that are backed by science, as opposed to ingredients that are as yet not evaluated.

High concentrations of effective ingredients. Low doses of ingredients simply do not help with BPH. Only ingredients that had the right minimum dose earned a place on this list.

Brand reputation. With the growing popularity of prostate health supplements, many people have already entered the market with fake products and ineffective ingredients. The formulas on this list have either a well-known brand or an exceedingly good reputation in the industry for their effectiveness, rather than using newcomers without much support.

Support from clinical trials and studies. Most of the time, supplement companies do not take the time to seek out clinical trials and studies. However, the ingredients included have already been backed by such research, and high-quality brands will include citations for the third-party research that they use. Companies that do not have the best interests of consumers at heart may simply suggest that they use clinically proven ingredients without any description of what those might be.

Price versus value. There is a broad range of prices for these types of products. While some formulas are as low as $10, other products are available for $70. This review includes multiple prices to make prostate health an affordable opportunity for anyone.

Promised benefits. There are some companies that claim that their product is the one and only solution for men who struggle with their prostate. Others promised to help regrow a full head of hair or offer other extreme benefits. The formulas that were considered for the list had to have reasonable benefits, rather than miraculous promises.

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Why Take a Prostate Supplement?

Like any other supplement, finding a formula that works for prostate health can have impressive benefits to the body. There are many scientifically proven ingredients used in these products, helping to naturally create a healthier prostate. The ingredients aren't exclusive to prostate health, which means they also offer benefits to the rest of the body.

Saw palmetto extract is a very common ingredient defined in prostate health supplements, and it is used in both the United States and Europe to naturally reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. The recommended amount to take daily is 160 mg to 320 mg, which is suggested to help with certain symptoms associated with BPH. Studies vary in their conclusion of whether or not this ingredient can help, but one study with 85 men over age 45 discovered that the lower amount was able to reduce the users increased urine flow and soothe urinary tract symptoms in a matter of six months. However, in a study in 2012 with over 5,600 men in 32 different trials, researchers revealed no changes that were significant enough to report.

A broader study in 2014 dove into the use of other ingredients for prostate health to see how they all measured up. Though saw palmetto alone is debatable in its effectiveness, the researchers combined it with lycopene and selenium they gave it to over 200 men, finding that the combination was more effective than any single therapy. When examined over one year, the results remained consistent and were still effective with long-term use. Another study in 2018 compares the use of these three ingredients with the use of a prescription medication called tadalafil. In the low dose of 5 mg, the pharmaceutical and the supplement blend were equal in their effectiveness.

Even with the use of saw palmetto as a supplement for prostate health, there are many other benefits that this ingredient can offer that men enjoy. It is found in testosterone-boosting formulas, as well as hair loss supplements. There is some evidence that the use of this extract may reduce the activity of an enzyme that causes hair loss. This herbal ingredient extract is very popular in male enhancement pills too, having shown quite a bit of health benefits to the aging man.

Plant sterols are also a common ingredient in prostate health supplements, though they are sometimes labeled as beta-sitosterol. A study at The University of Michigan indicated that this ingredient may be more effective than the use of saw palmetto. The researchers stated that beta-sitosterol was able to reduce the risk of some types of cancer, reduce cholesterol levels, and potentially relieve symptoms of BPH. However, the way this formula works in the body is unknown. Still, the study revealed that the majority of men who took this ingredient in their daily life had a lowered risk of prostate problems.

Lycopene has become a rather popular ingredient as well. This antioxidant can be naturally found in many fruits, including watermelons, grapefruit, and tomatoes, which is the reason that they have a red or pink color. The city from 2014 showed that the use of lycopene reduced and neutralized the free radicals in the body, supporting healthy inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is a common issue with the prostate, suggesting that this relief is possible with like opinion.

Since zinc is in higher concentration within the prostate than any other part of the body, many supplements will use it as a supporting ingredient in prostate health supplements. Zinc is also directly related to the immune system cover helping the body to fight disease and more effectively. While the use of zinc is a helpful ingredient to an extent, some studies suggest that taking too high of a dose over a long period could cause a heightened risk of prostate cancer.

Pumpkin seed is a common ingredient in prostate supplements as well, primarily for its high concentration of zinc. In 2015, a study of almost 1500 men showed that the use of pumpkin seed reduced prostate symptoms significantly. This is significant, as there is a reason why turmeric powder or probiotic supplements don't have scientific evidence to support its use for prostate health and function like pumpkin seed extract.

Pygeum extract has also proven to be a helpful substance in terms of dealing with prostate health. A study from 2002 suggested it can reduce the urinary problems that occur with BPH.

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Finding the Best Dosage in Prostate Health Supplements

Determining the right dosage in the prostate health supplement is important, though many formulas offer different things. Always follow the instructions provided with the supplement to get the optimal benefits. Not following the directions could lead to complications or may render the supplement useless.

Even though it is difficult to say the proper dose of this specific prostate supplement, there are many details that the scientific community has learned about the ingredients involved. For example, users only need a dose of 320 mg each day for saw palmetto extract. However, 300 mg to 500 mg of plant sterols is recommended. When using pumpkin seed extract, the clinical studies have used about 500 mg in their doses, but most prostate supplements don’t include this high of a concentration.

Potential Side Effects of Using Prostate Supplements

When it comes to taking any new formula, consumers want to know both the positive and negative effects of taking it. In general, consumers won't have to worry about any major side effects with the prostate health supplement because it includes natural ingredients. None of these formulas on the list used any type of pharmaceutical ingredient because they're all supplements. However, if it is like a popular weight loss pill, this might be different as that space is ripe with cheap knockoffs and tainted capsules riddled with side effects. But using the links found above in the ratings list of the best prostate health supplement will ensure customers get the authentic pills directly from each respective company.

The only potential problem that consumers may face is with the use of think. Some studies say that prolonged use of high levels of zinc can cause prostate cancer, but the dose would have to be significantly higher than what is found in any of the supplements above.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Supplements

What is a prostate health supplement?

Prostate health supplements include a variety of ingredients to go after the symptoms associated with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

What ingredients are found in prostate health supplements?

Many of these remedies focus on using vitamins and minerals that the body already needs. However, depending on the product, they may include plant and herbal extracts, among other ingredients.

What ingredients should consumers look for in the right prostate health supplement?

The highest quality supplements typically include ingredients like pygeum extract, plant sterols, beta-sitosterol, zinc, and saw palmetto extract. All these ingredients are typically associated with improvements in prostate health.

How does the prostate supplement help the body?

Prostate supplements have a high zinc content, which directly impacts the immune system and prostate. The prostate has the highest concentration of zinc of any tissue in the rest of the body. Another common ingredient includes any substance that reduces inflammation, which can ease the symptoms of prostate issues.

What is BPH?

BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, simply means that the individual has an enlarged prostate, which can affect urination or put them at risk for major diseases. It's fairly common in men after they turn age 50, which may be due to the gradual increase in the prostate’s size.

Apart from the benefits for consumers with BPH, what else can a prostate supplement do?

There are many other benefits associated with prostate supplements, depending on the ingredients that they offer. Some of these remedies can help with testosterone levels, while others focus on restoring hair loss. A common ingredient found in prostate supplements – saw palmetto extract – has been linked to increased testosterone, though there is still quite a bit of research being done on this benefit.

What are some signs that a man may be experiencing BPH?

The most common symptoms have to do with irregularities in urination. Some men will experience pain when they urinate, while others will consistently feel the urge to making trips to the bathroom throughout the day and night, only to find that their stream is weak and that they continue to drip after they think that they are done.

Can a prostate health supplement make a difference?

It is hard to say. Prostate supplements, like any other supplement, do not have to go through testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Even the list above has many formulas that were never tested and have never gone through a clinical trial. Consumers should always look for scientific evidence in the ingredients of the formula that they chose to ensure that they will get the benefits desired.

What are the possible problems that can occur within the prostate?

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, and prostate cancer are the most common problems that can occur in the prostate. If difficulties with the prostate start to impact daily life or cause inflammation, the individual should speak with the doctor as soon as possible.

Final Word

A prostate health supplement can improve and reduce the struggle with symptoms of BPH, so consumers should be aware that it is not a cure. Anyone that frequently wakes up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night may you want to be checked out by a doctor to determine if the issue is BPH or something else. If the user continues to experience symptoms of BPH, choosing one of these developments is an excellent way to improve the body.

In closing, reviewing the best prostate pills is not easy to do in a sea of hundreds of product options out there. But given the ranking criteria outlined above, these are the top prostate supplements to buy right now:

●      VitalFlow Prostate Supplement – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      ProstaStream – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      1MD Prostate MD – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Prostate 911 – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Nuzena Prostate Support – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Prostate Plus – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      VigRX Prostate Support – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Prostate Freedom Formula – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

●      Prostacet – click here to buy for lowest price online right now

With the list available above, it is hard to pick a bad option that should not offer sufficient natural prostate health benefits. This extensively researched guide full of reviews and overall recommendations on the best prostate pills did not come easy and is subject to updates and changes as more insights, analysis and formulations come to market. Please reach out about any questions or concerns about the b


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