Detox from THC with these Trusted Detox Kits & Programs

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The moment you get news of an upcoming drug test, the wheels in your mind start turning, trying to develop any possible detox option.

You might be thinking about stocking up on cranberry juice, tracking down activated charcoal supplements, and getting ahold of other home remedies, but these don't offer the highest success rate.

If your test is a few days away, the only way to ensure you'll pass your drug test in time is by investing in trusted detox kits or detox programs.

How to Select the Best Detox Kit for Your Needs

You need to use the best products to pass your test, so below, we examine traits the best detox kits and programs have in common.


Anything you take for your detox should have all-natural ingredients. Like many edible goods, some detox kit manufacturers will dump loads of sugar into their product to make it tastier and add tons of chemicals to make it look more appealing. But sugar and chemicals are enemies to your detox.

If you're looking at the ingredients of a well-constructed detox kit, you'll see lots of herbs, roots, seeds, and plants.

Permanent Results

Unlike same-day cleansers, which can't possibly give you permanent results, detox programs and kits have no excuse not to offer a permanent cleanse. They are used for several days, which is just enough time for a quality detox program to cleanse your system for good.

Since you're already going through all that trouble to detox, you want it to be permanent. Don't settle for long-term programs that only offer temporary results; they aren't worth it!

Customer Care

All retailers should make themselves available to their customers, but this becomes especially important with detox products as the people needing them are often in stressful situations with high stakes.

You may have several questions about how to use the product, potential health concerns, and how to evaluate results. A worthwhile seller will care about answering all of your questions because they want you to get the most out of their product.

Look for brands that include free customer support with their detox kit.

Customer support doesn't need to begin and end with customer service access. Another excellent way for detox brands to support you is by offering guidance in other aspects of your life that affect your detox, such as your detox diet.


A 100% money-back guarantee shows that the sellers honestly believe in the power of their product. If the sellers are confident that their product will work, it won't be a problem to guarantee a full refund if it doesn't.

If they do not compensate for a failed detox kit, look elsewhere.

What Are Detox Pills

Detox pills are what you'll be taking to cleanse your system. You'll find however many you need (usually quite a lot) in your detox kit or program.

How Quickly do Detox Pills Work

You can find 5 Day detox pills and 10 Day detox pills; the choice is up to you and your detox deadline. Ten-day programs are designed for those who have higher toxicity levels. Although, if you don't have a full ten days to get clean, there is always the 5-day program. Each program comes with same-day pills that will help you pass your test even if you are unable to cleanse completely with just the detox pills.

How Long do Detox Pills Last

Detox pills will last until you consume toxins again; they are designed to give you a permanent detox.

When to Use Detox Kits & Pills

Drug tests are the most common reason to invest in detox kits and pills. With both five-day and ten-day kits that provide a permanent cleanse, they are ideal when you have some time to detox, but you don't have upwards of a month to do so naturally.

Drug tests are not the only reason to get some help boosting your detox process. Some people decide to flush all of the THC from their system if they feel their tolerance has gotten too high.

Other people decide to take detox products for a general cleanse or health reasons. While the process of detoxing is unpleasant, the results will have you feeling great inside and out.

How to Use Detox Kits & Pills

You must follow the specific directions on your detox kit. They will include important information for the amount of water you need to drink, how many times you should try to urinate, how many pills to take, and when to take them.

Neglecting these directions can cause your detox products to fail through no fault of the seller's, and you will have lost time, money, and probably whatever job required the drug test.

Detoxing can be very dehydrating, so you'll want to stay up on your fluid intake. Additionally, drinking lots of fluids will make you urinate more frequently and thus expel more toxins.

Make sure to keep a strictly clean diet and fit some exercise into your schedule to boost your metabolism.

What You Should Eat During a Detox

You'll need to maintain a high fluid and fiber diet during a detox. The best things to eat while detoxing are vegetables and fruits with high water content, but be sure not to eat fruits with too much sugar. You should also drink lots of water to avoid getting dehydrated, but you can change it up with tea and sugar-free cranberry juice if you get bored of plain water.

If you're not able to cut meat from your diet, stick with lean meats only. Whole grains are healthy for your detox, and they're a great alternative to heavy carbs and gluten.

While you detox, you should avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods, as these will add more toxins to your body and make it difficult for you to continue detoxing. Also, avoid foods that will clog your system, like dairy and fatty meats, as well as anything else that will irritate your stomach.

Importance of Not Consuming During Detox

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but you absolutely can not consume THC while you're detoxing.

You may think that your detox methods will be effective enough to allow you to consume THC throughout the process, but, unfortunately, that isn't possible. If you continue to use THC while detoxing, it will completely counteract the effects of your detox program.

Concluding Thoughts

With a drug test looming in your future, you need to get the best products that the world of detoxing offers.

Be sure you know what to look for, and avoid depending on incapable home remedies.

When you find a quality detox kit or program and closely follow the instructions, your drug test will be no match!

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