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There is no question that cannabis has physical and emotional benefits on users. Unlike our parents, men and women throughout the San Antonio area can legally purchase potent cannabis-infused food and take advantage of its robust ingredients, like CBD and THC. Best of all, the industry is ever-evolving with fun merchandise, like delta 8 and delta 10 items for sale. Just hitting the market, Just Delta HHC gummies are both powerful and delicious.

What are HHC gummies?

Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol edibles are federally legal treats that cause an individual to experience a psychoactive euphoria. Created by Roger Adams hydrogenating delta 9 THC in 1944, HHC is a more stable compound, as well as sustainable to light and heat. The chemist relied on marijuana-derived THC for his HHC products. However, the hydrogenation process is now completed with industrial hemp. In compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis goods containing less than 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states.

People have been taking advantage of cannabis gummies since 2000 B.C. in India. Yet, they are still progressing on a regular basis, confirming that they will never get old. Today, they are used to help manage everything from cancer and epilepsy to inflammation and dry skin. Edibles’ effects are also known to last significantly longer than any type of inhalation, like smoking or vaping. Some love the recreational high they feel for hours at a time. Others take it to improve their sleep, while plenty of folks simply love the chewy and fruity candy. The most popular gummies have no artificial flavor or coloring whatsoever.

So how exactly are HHC gummies created?

To begin, HHC is found in the seeds and pollen of hemp. When it is meshed into gummies, the edibles are semi-synthetic, meaning they’re created in a laboratory from a natural source, like cannabis. The plant’s molecules are arranged to isolate certain cannabinoids that will grow into HHC for consumers. “They want to use what they perceive to be more natural or organic products that don’t emanate from what they perceive to be the pharmaceutical industry or mainstream medicine,” Dr. Lucas Richert, historian of drugs and medicines at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told The New York Times.

When it comes to the different cannabinoids products offered, people can generally predict a product’s potency. For instance, delta 9 edibles are roughly twice as strong as delectable delta 10 gummies. But it’s not so black and white for HHC goods. That’s because there are actually two types of HHC molecules. The 9R molecule has no trouble binding to the body’s receptors, whereas 9S has difficulty with the task. In other words, HHC gummies produced with mostly 9S molecules won’t be as intoxicating. HHC gummies have very similar effects on the mind and body as delta 9. Think of HHC as 80% as powerful as THC, which can be perfect for relaxing any time of the day. You don’t need to get baked to ease yourself of physical and emotional stress.

Are there any drawbacks to HHC gummies?

There is always going to be a small percentage of consumers that have adverse effects from cannabis. A person may feel anxious and have issues concentrating. Yet the benefits of HHC gummies more than outweigh the slight side effects, such as fatigue. As of now, there isn’t a sufficient amount of data out there detailing HHC’s long and short term effects in the body.

From what we know, the compound is a safe substance that is not physically addictive. The issues come from unreliable HHC vendors. Remember, hemp merchandise is not regulated by the government. That means it is up to the consumer to do a little homework. Make sure everything is natural, as well as laboratory tested at a third party facility for safety. Fortunately, there are plenty of trustworthy HHC businesses online. The future of HHC gummies is looking brighter every day.

How many HHC gummies should a person eat?

Not unlike the human system, no two edibles are the same. It may take a bit of experimentation to figure out one’s ideal dose. Maybe enjoying one HHC gummy is adequate for you, but your spouse prefers taking two before bed. Of course, one’s weight, age and cannabis tolerance are all key factors. There are even some who are completely immune to the psychoactive effects of cannabis edibles.

With HHC gummies available on the internet and retail stores throughout the nation, men and women can now explore slightly heightened senses and new sensations. Discomfort is relieved and sleep vastly improves, working wonders for users’ precious energy levels the next day. Maybe all your food will taste better. Perhaps music can sound sweeter, or a lover’s touch feel more passionate. There’s one way to find out.

By David Baker, Cannabis Extraordinaire
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