Online Psychics Reading: Best Free Love Psychic Reading Online By Phone Call, Chat Or Live Video

Your future holds the key to your life. Who doesn’t want to know what’s ahead for them? Your career stress, money related-issues, love, relationships, and how they will impact your future leave you with a headache and this headache won’t just vanish after sleep. Only a time machine can help you in this regard. But there is a way where you can soothe your headache, a consultation with spiritual advisors, and getting a psychic reading online. Now the question arises is whom to trust and who is worthy enough of your time and money. Which option to choose among those infinite options available online. Here, I am providing a review on three such platforms whose names are counted at the top when you talk about psychic readings.

I am Isabella Maxwell and during these past 6 years, I have stumbled upon various online psychics and tried every type of psychic reading service you can imagine. Be it a dream interpretation, phone readings, tarot cards, astrology, and everything in between, you name it, I have tried virtually every kind of spiritual reading over the past 6 years, I stumbled upon various psychic readings all claiming to be the top site. I concluded that not all are legit and worthy of your time and money. Although, there are some truly amazing psychics available online who provide legitimate readings or to say more precisely, ‘the predictions’.

Despite the legitimacy and true readings, some might feel insecure as to whom to trust with their personal information. You just can’t trust a simple search of ‘psychic near me’ if you are looking for legitimacy. There is a web of scams and liars who can’t be at all trusted with personal information and it is obvious that trust issues will generate. Here, in this review, I will be sharing the three best websites that provide the best online psychics readings. These best online sites of 2020 are reliable and trustworthy. You can trust them with your personal information as they provide guaranteed privacy and security.

Before proceeding further let us take a look at how a psychic works. You may have wondered how a psychic predicts future outcomes. Future is not pre-written or set in stone. Your future prediction is based on multiple possibilities and some of these possibilities are most likely to come to pass than others. These possibilities can only be predicted if your psychic knows about your past and present. Your past and present draw your future. The psychics use their sixth sense and intuitive powers to make those predictions based on what has happened in your past and what is happening in your present. Psychics direct your path to a fulfilling and successful life. While you are still on the path toward your destination, you have the power to stay the course, make slight changes to direction, or completely turn around. Just remember that you hold your future in your hands, your feelings and your decisions with the psychic medium may help you get your tools to create the life you want.

In this review, I have come up with the following three best psychics reading sites that are a great platform to gain an insight about your career, love, and other stuff. The sites that I will be telling you have the cheapest rates and also provide some free minutes and you can get an absolutely free psychic reading during these free minutes. I truly trust them for their legitimacy and accuracy. A lot of the advisors at these sites are professional and experienced and have some special ability that makes them stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for the sites that provide the best psychic readings, free minutes, and the lowest rates, here are my top recommendations for an accurate psychic reading online:

3 Best Psychic Reading Online Sites 2021 -  Live Accurate Reading:

Kasamba - Best Psychics for tarot readings & fortune telling by phone or chat (Each reading comes with 3 free minutes + 70% off for first readings session)

Keen Psychic - Best Psychics for advice on love & relationships (SPECIAL OFFER: 10 MINUTES FOR $1.99)

Psychic Source - Best readings for career advice & financial outlook (Each reading comes with 75% Off for first reading + 3 First Minutes Free)

Kasamba  - Best Psychics For Tarot Card Reading Online

Wondering whom to approach to unlock the mysterious door of your future? Kasamba is such a platform where spiritual advisors and professional psychics guide you through your journey and let you have a glimpse of your future. Your most burning questions are answered and your doubts and confusions are resolved. Kasamba was established in 1999 and has been working since for those searching for empowerment and meaning in their life. They have helped over 3 million people for 20 years. Their top-quality psychic services are available 24/7, they can communicate with chat psychics via live chat, email, be it the phone psychics or call psychics, you can also contact them through phone and unlike any other psychic site, their real-time chat platform lets you and your advisor share the same space and see one another chatting simultaneously.

The top-rated readers connect at a single platform to answer all your troubling questions whether they are related to your love-life, your past, current, and future relationships, money-related issues, or anything that is bothering you and want to seek guidance on these issues. Get your free psychic love reading here without any bluff, they are trustworthy, reliable and worth your time and money. Kasamba understands that users need reassurance that they are with the right psychic and thus, it offers 3 minutes free with each new psychic so that you can get a free psychic chat online or free psychic readings by phone before you start paid-reading. Also, get 50% off on your first reading. Each psychic at Kasamba has its own prices per minute after the initial offer. The prices may be as low as $1.9 to as high as $30 or more depending upon the psychic. You can sort psychics from lowest to the highest prices and vice-versa, making it easier and convenient for its user to find a specialist who falls within the budget.

One of the greatest features is that every advisor on their site has their own profile page with ratings and reviews of customers. This feature makes it really easy to find the best psychics reading as per the requirement. You can easily see their fee per minute they charge, their specialties, years of experience, contact methods, etc. The connection between you and your advisor is both deep and immediate. You just need to type your question in the chat window and watch your advisor start working with you right away. Your problems will certainly be looked at and analyzed by the advisors.

Along with Kasamba's online communication, you also have an option of offline sessions. You are free to email questions and requests to the psychic advisor of your choice and receive a response the same way. The offline session provides a mailbox where you can query an advisor and agree upon a fee for the service you are requesting and you will surely get an answer within 24 hours.

People are too busy to daily go online, sit down and spend the time on the phone or in front of their computer, and thus, Kasamba offers a more convenient and easy way to let you access their service through an app. You can find on-the-go chat psychic readings and daily Kasamba horoscope. The app is free to download and allows you to access psychic readings no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

This platform also offers free horoscopes to all visitors without any login or registration. You can access daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for each sign. The monthly forecast consists of both love and career sections in very depth. You can contact love psychics to get free psychic love reading.

All the above amazing features are quite impressive, Kasamba also offers vast reading services to its users. Some readings offered at Kasamba that are in demand nowadays are further disclosed here:

·Psychic Reading

·Love & Relationships

·Tarot Reading

·Fortune Telling

·Dream Analysis

·Astrology Readings

·Career Forecast

Let us now view some positives and negatives of their service:


·Kasamba offers its users a variety of readings with guaranteed satisfaction or else simply requests a refund. There isn’t much to dislike about the Kasamba platform. There are many benefits of using Kasamba, they are:

·Being in business for over 20 years is a great achievement on its own and when one looks at their psychic reading services and advisors, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Kasamba’s name is counted between top-notch tarot card reading sites and is widely known for online psychics reading. Very few online psychics platforms offer such a wide range of services as Kasamba.

·For easy accessibility, Kasamba has individual profile pages of their online psychic advisors each with their own Kasamba reviews and ratings from others who have used their services.

·The price range is also very satisfactory, as each psychic has their own fee per minute and one can choose from a wide number of psychics available as per the budget.

·The advisors at Kasamba are professional and experienced advisors who are experts in psychic and astrology readings, tarot readings, love readings, career forecast, and much more.

·It is a global community and has the best psychics from around the world who are available 24/7. 

·Privacy and security is the main issue of people’s distrust but this is not the case with Kasamba, your personal details will stay 100% anonymous and confidential with secure SSL payments. 

·Along with the site, they also offer their services through an app, you can download the Kasamba app for answers on the go.


Now with the highs come the lows, here are some drawbacks of Kasamba:

·Does not provide live video readings.

·Does not provide the best filtering options so as to let the users narrow down the searches. It can be a bit overwhelming when one is trying to find a particular one but with so many services available with no proper filtering and such a wide network of different psychics, it becomes difficult for users to navigate through the site.

·Some of the best, top-rated psychics are expensive, however, this is understandable since the quality service costs more but not everyone can afford to pay top dollar for a psychic reading, and thus, it is one of the major drawbacks of Kasamba.

SPECIAL OFFER >> Click Here To Try Kasamba – Get 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off On Your First Reading

Keen Psychics – Most Accurate Love Psychics Reading Online

Keen Psychic  is one of the widely trusted psychic networks of fortune-tellers and spiritual advisors who aim to guide people to live the best life they possibly can by offering guidance on big life decisions. The readers at Keen have psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Established in 1999, and has been dedicated to helping people. Keen psychic offers a wide variety of different psychic readers, each with their own special abilities and intuitive powers which are extraordinary as they can see much more than a normal person can see.

Keen psychics offers services like tarot, love readings, mediums, astrology, horoscopes, and spiritual readings. You can filter out the best advisor on the site by subject expertise, customer rating, availability, and type of reading, as you please.

Keen has the cheapest readings in the industry. The first 3 minutes are free to Keen users. For just $1.99 you can get a 1-minute reading on Keen Psychic. With over 35 million conversations with people worldwide, Keen has over 1700 spiritual advisors to choose from with service available 24/7. They also offer a callback or appointment service for a convenient and easy flow of conversation from both sides. They always aim at providing the best service to their clients.

Keen ensures the safety and security of personal information to their users. Keen also ensures that you always remain 100% anonymous and all your information is kept confidential, which is very crucial when you are sharing intimacies about yourself and your life with others. Keen offers both phone recordings and online chat sessions too for a more productive conversation. 

Keen offers the following services to its users:

·Psychic Reading

·Psychic Medium

·Financial Outlook

·Love & Relationships

·Life questions

·Tarot reading

·Spiritual readings

·Astrology advice

Know about the status of your future, career, love, relationship, and get advice. Ask free psychic questions between free minutes offered.


·Keen has a variety of specialists (over 1700) to choose from. Be it a specialist in astrology, love & relationship, life questions, tarot reading, or spiritual readings, a psychic will always be there to assist you.

·With a great filtering option, you can find the most perfect and suitable psychic as per your requirements.

·The callback feature lets you select a time to chat at a time that works for both parties.

·Keen also offers great prices and risk-free trials. They also ensure the 100% anonymity and confidentiality of their customers.

·They also offer a mobile app for on-the-go readings.


·They don’t offer video recordings, which can limit your connection with your psychic.

·They also have a limited number of bilingual readers and thus, limiting the contact.

SPECIAL OFFER >> Click Here to try KEEN Trusted Psychic Network GET 10 Minutes For $1.99 Only

Psychic Source- Personal Reading For Career Advice & Financial Outlook

Psychic Source  is one such place where you can reach out and resolve all your doubts related to your career, love, past life, etc. Their love psychics assist you to sort out your love-related problems. Their phone psychics, call psychics, or chat psychics are there to answer your most burning questions. The live psychics can be connected via chat, phone, or even video. It is a strong network of psychics that have been serving clients for almost 30 years. They also have customer care that is available 24/7. Psychics at Psychic Source are gifted with some natural abilities that are beyond normal human’s capability in multiple areas. The psychics can supply insight for you in different ways.

Their offer of free 3 minutes and 90% off on your first reading was quite impressive to me. You can chat with your psychic for a minute at $1. You are only charged with thṣe time you talk to an advisor i.e. there are no hidden fees or surprises on your bill. Psychic Source has a kindness initiative that gives back 1% of your purchase to your selected charity, their contribution to your behalf. 

Psychics have some uncommon abilities and powers which separate them from normal humans, their intuitive power is something that is reliable. These psychics are clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, empathic, having the ability to communicate with spirit guides and angels, have the ability to read your past lives, balance your auras and chakras, and much more beyond your imagination. They offer far more than just your traditional tarot reading. You can get an insight into your subconscious and get clarity regarding your future.

These love psychics have years of experience especially with matters of the heart. Whether you have a question about a romance, your family, or friends, love psychics have heard it all before. The advisors at Psychic Source specialize in various abilities such as love psychics readings, dream interpretation, angel cards, tarot card reading, and many more. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can apply for cashback.

Psychic Source offers the following psychic readings to their clients:

·Angel Card Reading

·Astrology reading

·CartoMancy Reading

·Love Tarot Reading

·Numerology Reading

·Past Life Reading

·Spiritual Reading

·Tarot Reading

Based on the reviews on Psychic Source’s site, I have depicted some pros and cons and there are more pros than there are cons:


·The platform offers a vast variety of psychics readers and advisors to choose from.

·You can get your readings through phone or video, as you please. Over 250+ real psychics are available to you.

·These advisors are tested and re-tested for their authenticity so that the clients do not suffer.

·They provide a low introductory rate of $0.66 and especially their kindness initiative are some of their biggest flexes.

·Guarantee satisfaction to the clients or the money is given back.


·The psychics at Psychic Source are available only online, you won’t be able to meet them in person.

·After the initial introductory rates, the readings can get expensive up to $6.95/minute to work with the best psychics.

These sites came out to be the most productive and accurate for me and I am sure that you will feel the same after you try them out. their prices and offers and especially their reading services are fantastic. You just need to be relaxed and comfortable, and cooperate with them through entire process. The experts at these sites guarantee full satisfaction with accurate and genuine information about your future. I have been trying these all for 6 years and trust me you won’t regret it either. Their legitimacy and accuracy is something which can be trusted.

SPECIAL OFFER >> Click Here to Try Psychic Source At $0.66 Per Minute Only + 3 Minutes FREE

Is your online psychics legit?

There is no standard rule to know if your online psychics is legit or not. Their legitimacy can be found out through trial and error. Through these past 6 years, I have some tips for you to follow while choosing your online psychics that may enhance the chances of an accurate reading:

Only trust the best one, with a strong reputation and great customer service. Check for their reviews and ratings before contacting them.

·Ensure that the psychic site you choose has a strong screening process for their psychics. Psychics have some special abilities that are beyond this physical world and one can’t just gain a degree from university to possess such powers.

·If a company can’t guarantee you 100% satisfaction or a refund if you're not satisfied then its better to forget that site. No genuine online psychic would want their customers to stay unsatisfied with their readings.

Always opt for the sites that offer free first minutes which shows that they want to be committed to their customers. Take benefits of special offers and discount rates.

Phone readings vs ‘psychic near me’ searches

I would suggest you to go for a psychic phone reading rather than just searching psychic near me and visiting them in your nearby area. The abilities of genuine psychics will work anywhere despite the distance between you and them however, there are some exceptions like palm readers. The best and legit psychic can access your energy field and aura from anywhere. Their extrasensory perception (ESP) receives information and gets connected to energies with the universe.

The accuracy is more dependent on the following factors and one should look into each psychic these qualities before approaching them:

·The experience level of psychics

·The techniques and methods used

·The skill and talent of the advisor or reader

·How direct and open they make you feel 

Unfortunately, you can’t find 100% accuracy all the time as psychic mediums are no exception and they too have bad days, inaccurate readings can sometimes happen even by the best psychic service providers.

Try Kasamba Here Answer those burning questions on love, life, family and work! Get free psychic reading today!

Why are free psychic readings offered?

Free psychic readings are offered to provide free trials for a few minutes to prove that the services can be trusted and that  the readers are all experienced. The free trial is a perfect way to attract new customers. Some sites also offer completely free readings and the data on these sites work based on the data that is accumulated from the internet and then arranged comprehended by AI. Their answers to your questions are based on data calculated by AI.

Is free psychic reading online worth it?

The sites offering free psychic reading online or free psychic readings by phone can not always be trusted as they work with AI software and thus, they may not always be useful. However, there are some sites that provide absolutely free psychic reading for some minutes before you actually start the paid readings, and they can be more trustworthy. These free minutes are only provided to gain the trust of the users to prove that they are reliable and to ensure that their customers are getting the best service.

What to ask during a psychic phone reading?

One should ask all the important questions that are killing you inside during a psychic phone reading. You should ask about new information the universe want you to know about life, love life questions, some things that need to be done to find true love, when and how to find true love, ask for guidance for relationship, will your future partner be forever, what is the future of your love life, and many more questions that you want to know and are becoming stressful for you. You should ask questions about your family, career, and your metal health too.

Important things to remember

First you must know that a psychic reading online cannot work if you don't let the reader lead the conversation. To ensure your reading is worth every penny you should avoid asking one word questions rather go for the questions whose answers are detailed and to the point too. You need to have faith in the psychic medium. If you stereotypically doubt their abilities before knowing them, then there will be no connection made between you and your reader and that will result in a vague and unclear reading.


These three sites are indeed trustworthy, reliable sites, one can find their accuracy only after trying it. These sites have several features that separates it from other psychics services. The free psychic reading online is a very useful feature to let busy and introverted people connect with psychics.

Psychics at these sites use special gifts and spiritual tools like tarot cards, astrology, runes, numerology, angels, dream interpretation, and much more which are all worth a try. They are committed to providing quality psychic reading online to help you attain a life full of love and happiness.


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