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Mixed Drink Mecca

Posted on Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 4:00 AM

Release Date: 2009-04-01

For a rare Monday-night experience, the Bar Tab crew ventured into Alamo Heights, the land of “beauty and charm,” to taste the ballyhooed cocktails of Cappyccino’s, the adjacent casual cousin of Cappy Lawton’s namesake Broadway restaurant.
Though a Saturday night might have been livelier, Cappyccino’s succeeds in understatement, and to go on a busier night to observe the excitement (and risk possible scrapes with ’09 cougars) would have undermined our momentary, noble goal of relaxation and a finely crafted drink.
Cappyccino’s liquor selection could be one of the best in town; there doesn’t seem to be any cheap stuff in sight. Keep in mind, the drink prices reflect this distinction, as everything starts around $6-7 and goes up from there. Furthermore, their cocktail menu might be one of the most traditional in SA. I mean that in the best possible way: The menu shows a deep respect for the classic cocktails of the last 150 years.
I rolled up late to find the BT crew members halfway through a variation of a bourbon drink called a Stonewall, as well as a double Kobe beef burger. Cappyccino’s serves quality food, with a few of the same items from the Cappy’s menu, except cheaper.
Often in San Antonio, deciding what drink to order is challenging. This is based on an assumption that the bartender has no idea what they’re doing. But the BT team appeared quite pleased with their drinks so far. Herbert the German barkeep seemed to know his mixology as well as anyone in the city, so I rolled the dice and tried a Presbyterian, a forgotten classic made with bourbon, club soda, and ginger ale.
A sequence of Singapore slings soon followed, and every drink seemed to come out perfect. Herbert told us he learned his drink recipes from a New Orleans-trained bartender at a Fredericksburg restaurant he once managed.
While I was wrapping up with a Black Russian, an unlikely eating contest broke out. One of the B-T crews kept ordering double Kobe beef burgers, to the amazement of the chef. After three of these double burgers the chef made a bet with our man: if he returned and ordered three again, the chef would buy the fourth.
For some reason, we felt proud to combine the enjoyment of a well-crafted drink with a seventh-grade attitude towards eating. The Cappyccino’s staff seemed pleased to accept the challenge. No guarantees that the chef will offer that same bet to everyone, though I see no harm in trying your luck, and stomach capacity.

5003 Broadway 78209
(210) 828-6860

The Vibe
Sophistication, without all the baggage

Best Use
Late dinner and cocktail re-education

Moderately expensive: Cocktails start at $6 and go up

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