Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wild Street

Posted on Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 4:00 AM

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-06-10

In retrospect, it seems inevitable that guylinered emo acts would discover lipstick and eyeshadow and devolve into all-out ’80s hair metal-bands. Case in point: New York City’s Wild Street, who don’t look old enough to’ve been sexually confused by Twisted Sister videos and who probably first saw Tommy Lee in the Pamela Anderson porn, but who for god knows what reason have worked hard to capture the look and sound of Spandex rock. Check out “Fist of Fury,” which opens with a requisite shout-along chorus and miraculously manages to end before Bon Jovi can file a lawsuit. Other songs plagiarize from nearly enough sources to qualify as “heavily influenced” instead of flat-out identity theft, but say this for Wild Street: They play this stuff like they’re completely unaware of how ridiculous it’s supposed to be. Aside from what could be politely described as “an homage” to the guitar line from “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” there’s no winking in scary-serious power ballad “For So Long,” but it’s embarrassingly catchy proof that most of the bullshit on modern rock charts hasn’t become any less stupid over the past two and a half decades. Free. 10pm Wed, Jun 10, Dixie’s Bar, 8503 Broadway,

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