Thursday, June 30, 2011

How will Perry donations pay off for givers like Spurs CEO Holt?

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Perry wasn’t made of much when he came into the Governor’s mansion, but through a series of informed business deals he’s built himself up into an honest-to-good connections millionaire. But fatter than his sizable personal bank account is his political treasure box. More than the "evil genius" owner of the soon-to-be national low-level nuke dump out in West Texas has been stuffing Perry’s campaign coffers, with personally enriching result. Top donors include San Antonio Spurs CEO Peter Holt, nuke-trash magnate Harold Simmons, and Republican faithful (until you try to strip away cheap housing labor through punitive immigration reform) homebuilder Bob Perry. For a politician known to dance openly with “them that brung him,” we don’t have to look far to know who else will benefit from a Perry presidency. Just read the donor roster. The National Institute on Money in State Politics makes it fairly easy to predict who wins from a Perry presidency. Considering Perry — increasingly of national interest as he whores himself a shade more with each evangelical inflection — we find that the man’s machine has more than $100 million in the past decade. And the pace of collections is quickening. The $20.6 million in his first race back in 2002 became $30.5 million four years later. Last year’s run against former Houston Mayor Bill White saw him raking in $49 million. With no limit on giving in the land of Lone Star, his top-tier givers are truly in a class to themselves.

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And the payoff

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So, are we looking at the Perry Administration above? Bob Perry over HUD (and OSHA, for good measure)? Simmons at the EPA? And Holt? Well, we’re sure Israel will be needing plenty of more 'dozers once Israel’s Next Best Friend assumes the helm. If that’s who wins, who loses? Well, if Texas is any guide: it’ll be women and children first. Then anyone who objects to the final demolition of the middle class and a land transformed into one giant maquiladora. Ain’t Free Trade a bitch?

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