Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reader complaint: tacky and disrespectful (our mag & your city)

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We love our readers. Sometimes we especially love the ones who don't seem to care for us so much. Case in point: last week's disgruntled former San Franciscite who called in to express her disappointment with Chuck Kerr's presentation of District Attorney Susan Reed as a blood-sucking vampire (no comment on Mr. Barajas' treatment of topic in his story, interestingly).

At least that seemed to be her complaint... until she got going.

"I think the magazine's tacky overall, but to disrespect the law on top of your tackiness is, like, really distasteful. I think it just encourages the city to just continue in it's pit of darkness. It's a gross city to begin with."

Can she really blame us for our occasional foray into irreverence when we share in this grand cesspool of a town where "there's nothing deep."

I considered returning her call, but when it became clear her dissatisfaction was with the entire city of San Antonio I decided perhaps I wasn't the best ambassador for the job. What is the best response to a snotty West Coaster, anyway? A bus ticket and a packet of hygienic wipes?

Listen in below...

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