Friday, September 20, 2013

Bonehead Quote Of The Week: Don McLeroy on Science Textbooks

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Okay, so this week it isn’t necessarily a “bonehead” quote but it sure is bizarre. Controversial former State Board of Education Chair Don McLeroy, a young-earth creationist and right-wing Republican who dragged the board to the forefront of the culture wars during his infamous reign, made an appearance at the SBOE public hearing this week over including creationism in school textbooks (Yes, really. And welcome to Texas.) He said:


Don McLeroy delivering testimony before the SBOE. Screen shot via TFN. 

“Ironically, the evolutionists argue that creationists want to force their religious views on the texts. But just the teaching of biology does that and teaching evolution demonstrates that’s not how God did it. Since true, testable science trumps dogmatism, strike the final blow to the teaching of evolution–support the Bible, and adopt these books.”

The debate over the books pitted creationists– who found the text too filled with all those annoying fact-y things about evolution and who sought to interject some good ol’ Biblical principles in the books­– against sound science advocates who think the text is just fine as is, sans the Bible. Then there was McLeroy, a devout creationist, who strangely considered the books weak when it came to evolution instruction and therefore, should be green lighted as is– ­for wholly different reasons.

If you want to view the entire speech, watchdog groups The Texas Freedom Network (here) and Right Wing Watch (and here) have them posted.

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