Thursday, June 25, 2015

These Vape Oil Flavors Sound Absolutely Disgusting

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Last week we covered the vape boom here in San Anto. We spent a lot of time looking for the best, worst and weirdest vape oil flavors we could find — and there are so many to choose from. What we discovered is that the world of vaping is full of delicious and interesting flavors that could replace breakfast and dessert. However, whoever's job it is to give these things appealing names should probably be fired ASAP:

1. Cigarette Ash 
click image juishy-cigarette-ash_45161.1385746983.380.380.jpg

For all of you masochists/ashtray lickers out there. 

2. Yager Bomb  

click image yager_bomb_e_liquid_ejuice_75254.1396401686.380.380.jpg

Ok, so maybe this ones name isn't so bad. I'll never understand why someone would voluntarily put this flavor in their mouth without the end goal being inebriation though. 

3. Fruit Poops

click image fruit_poops_froot_loops_e_juice_08777.1390002697.380.380.jpg

I have to give this person credit, using the word poop in a pun is always a good idea.

4. Bloodbath 

click image bloodbathgwar_bs_84903.1427302170.500.750.jpg

Also comes in Bloodbath (Colorless)!

5. Jizmoglobin

click image jizmoglobingwar_97771.1423247357.500.750.jpg

It probably contains vitamins that are good for your skin or something if you swallow it, right? I think it's science. 

6. Dragon’s Blood Cheesecake Cream

click image drgnbldchesecakeredline30ml-1-1.jpg

I'm not sure what grosses me out more, the idea of a cheesecake covered in dragon's blood or the idea of that in cream form. 

7. Dragon's Milk 
click image dragonsmilkredline30ml-1.jpg

Nope. Just nope. Also, why are this angel's wings on fire? She looks like she's in pain. Is she the dragon the milk is coming from? Or are you supposed to pour the dragon milk on there to put out the fire?

8. Alligator Sperm 

click image white-ejuice.jpg

This picture is so refreshing. It calls to mind a nice cool dip in a pool of alligator semen on a warm day. 

9. Mad Cow

click image liquid-madcow-2t.jpg

Nothing tingles my tastebuds like the idea of inhaling some sweet bovine spongiform encephalopathy into my lungs.

10. German Chocolate Beefcake

click image gcbgwar_21129.1423247423.500.750.jpg

Once again, a strange mixture of something delicious with something that should not be in that delicious thing.

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