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Your Guide to San Antonio's City Council Elections

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With the city's May 6 election quickly approaching (and early voting already upon us), it's time you figure out who you want to represent you at city hall — not just in the mayor's office, but in the council chambers. This year, every single council seat is up for grabs — and only six of the ten current council members are hoping to stay put. No matter how Election Day ends, we're in for a guaranteed shake-up. To help you get up to speed, we've created a mini guide to the candidates in the running before you head to the polls.

Below you'll find the occupation of each candidate and a recent quote from them, straight from the campaign trail. To learn more about each candidate's platform on their campaign website, click on their name (some of the candidates don't have a website).

Don't know who represents you in city council? Click here.


Roberto C. Treviño
— Incumbent District 1 City Councilman. "We must tell this story where it began and ensure a legacy that we can all appreciate. San Antonio is awesome, especially for its history which is weaved into the fabric for all of us to enjoy."

Lauro A. Bustamante — Attorney.

Robert Feria — Union organizer. “We must make San Antonio a city of, by, and for the people — not for special interests.”

Adrian Flores — Landlord. “There’s hundreds of empty buildings out here that landlords and property owners like to just sit around and do nothing with. I would definitely look into crafting an eminent domain law to go get those buildings for nonprofits and turn them into affordable housing"

Michael Montano — Attorney. “San Antonio allowed me to reach for the American Dream. As your District 1 City Council member, I pledge above all to protect that opportunity for you and your loved ones—right here at home.”

Ross A. Trevino — Former city hall staffer.


Alan E. Warrick, II — Incumbent District 2 City Councilman. "Zero murders or gunshots, zero unemployment, zero vacant homes, lots and businesses, and zero stray dogs."

Dori L. Brown— Tax preparer. “My goal is to reduce gun violence — which isn’t an issue that SAPD can fix but an issue that must be addressed at the root – the home.”

William "Cruz" Shaw — Lawyer. “Let's move beyond ineffective political talking points like ‘shot spotter’ and let's start focusing on community policing, efforts to reduce response time, getting weapons out of the hands of criminals, and creating safe spaces for dialogue.”

Keith A. Toney — Former city councilman. “I will return responsible, mature representation to the District 2 council office.”


Nathan Carrizales — Student. “I will demand accountability for the people of my district. Sinkholes, graffiti, increased crime rates, violence, and vandalism to private property are perfect examples of how our community is being neglected.”

Rebecca J. Viagran — Incumbent District 3 City Councilwoman. "I have spent the past two years fighting for every dollar that I can bring back to us so that we can get the resources and investment we’ve needed for far too long."

Sylvia E. Don — Community organizer. “Sylvia E. Don is not for sale to no investors nor lobbyists."

Ralph E. Gerber — Self-employed (unknown). “No ban, no wall. Free press is the embodiment of democracy.”

Ismael Reyes — Owner of vending company. “There are various issues that concern me. Of these issues, the preservation of the integrity of our residential areas is of high importance.”

Jerome C. Durham — Non-profit employee. "We need to ensure District 3 is a place where everyone feels safe. This includes stray/rabid dogs, up to violent crime where San Antonio has increased over 24 percent from 2015.”

Jessica O. Guerrero — Community organizer.  “I am running because I’m concerned that developers are calling the shots in District 3 rather than the people of District 3."



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